Smallest common-mode choke for CAN and FlexRay bus systems

28th November 2013
Nat Bowers

The world's smallest with compact dimensions of just 3.2 mm x 2.5 mm x 2.4 mm, TDK introduce the new ACT1210 series of common-mode chokes for both CAN and FlexRay bus systems. Operating over a wide temperature range from -55 °C to +150 °C, the ACT1210 series chokes are qualified to AEC-Q200, making them ideal for use under severe conditions such as those encountered in the engine compartment of a vehicle.

The new ACT1210 common-mode chokes have a footprint and volume which are approximately 45% and 50% smaller, respectively, than those of existing components. Offering high heat resistance and reliability, mass production of the components will begin in December 2013.

Utilising a further improved ferrite, the new common-mode chokes are based on the joint technology competence of TDK and EPCOS in the EMC market sector. Manufactured using a high-precision autowinding process, the new series features a unique structural design. Both of these contribute to the high stability and reliability of the new common-mode chokes while simultaneously ensuring consistent quality.

The new ACT1210 series joins the existing ACT45B series for CAN, the ACT45R series for FlexRay, and the new ACT45L series for automotive Ethernet. This expansion enables TDK to offer a highly versatile portfolio of high-performance common-mode chokes for EMC in automotive bus systems. Target applications for the new series include both CAN and FlexRay automotive bus systems.

TypeCommon-mode impedance[Ω] *min.Common-mode inductance [µH] **DC resistance [Ω] max.Insulation resistance [MΩ] min.Rated current [mA DC] max.Rated voltage [V DC] max.
ACT1210-110-2P 300 11 0.4 10 0.30 80
ACT1210-220-2P 500 22 0.5 10 0.25 80
ACT1210-510-2P 1,000 51 0.7 10 0.20 80
ACT1210-101-2P 2,200 100 1.5 10 0.15 80


* at 10 MHz
** at 100 MHz +50/-30 %

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