Safety and efficiency for Scotland EV charging project

5th October 2020
Joe Bush

Schneider Electric is set to supply a total of 44 NS Feeder Pillars across the Lanarkshire region as part of the Project PACE initiative with SP Energy Networks and Transport Scotland.

Project PACE intends to meet the Scottish and UK Governments’ Net Zero and carbon reduction targets by delivering a strategic network of public electric vehicle (EV) charging points across Scotland. The project will also pilot an innovative electricity Distribution Network Operator (DNO) led delivery model which is expected to improve efficiency.

SP Energy Network’s (SPEN) long standing relationship with Schneider Electric provided an ideal partnership to provide high-performance electrical equipment to connect the EV chargers to the electricity network. The solution needed to be configurable depending on the specific requirements of each site.

Schneider Electric developed a scaled design, containing multiple outgoing breakers and where necessary utilising multiple enclosures. Schneider Electric collaborated with SP Energy Networks throughout the project to create a cable termination arrangement that suited their needs and practices, reducing site installation time. Schneider Electric conducted factory demonstrations of cabling and jointing to ensure speedy on-site installations prior to delivery.

The NS feeder pillar developed for Project PACE incorporates DNO cut out and COP metering to reduce the lifetime cost of ownership and physical size of overall solution, which was delivered as an integrated single unit to SP Energy Networks. This will allow dual ownership of infrastructure once management of charge points is handed over to local councils, following completion of pilot.

Schneider Electric delivered the first four NS Feeder Pillars in May 2020, one has already been installed at Strathclyde Country Park and another at Carnwath Road which has already delivered over 950 charging sessions. Despite the logistical challenges of the COVID-19 lockdown restrictions, the units were delivered on time, thanks to adaptations made to the Schneider Electric manufacturing facility in Scarborough.

The factory strictly followed Government COVID-19 guidelines and Schneider Electric policy to ensure the LVPD plant remained operational throughout the pandemic, with employees provided with a safe and inclusive environment to continue production.

Matt Speight, Commercial Manager at Schneider Electric, added: “As we look for ways to support a green recovery, the electrification of transport will be a key driver in helping us to reduce our carbon footprint while stimulating ‘green’ industries.

“Having a long-standing relationship with SP Energy Networks has allowed us to work collaboratively on the design of the low voltage feeder pillars and we are delighted to play a part in delivering this key demonstrator project. As an organisation, Schneider Electric is fully committed to both achieving our own Net Zero carbon targets and helping our customers reduce emissions through innovative offers and solutions.”

The NS Feeder Pillar range builds on Schneider Electric’s extensive experience and expertise in low and medium voltage solutions that help manage and distribute power supplies to end users. The outdoor switchboard solution comes fully assembled to customer specification for easy installation reducing costly site time.

Key features include:

  • Incorporates technically advanced moulded case and air circuit breakers up to 3,200A
  • Weatherproof for outdoor installation, can be either transformer mounted to form part of a compact substation, or free standing.
  • Maximum flexibility by its stacked busbar system up to 3200A and range of Compact NSX moulded case and Masterpact MTZ air circuit breakers.
  • Providing a safe, flexible solution with individual monitoring and protection, ensuring efficient management of the LV electrical distribution network.
  • Schneider micrologic trip units with inbuilt earth leakage monitoring as standard on incomer and outgoing circuits.

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