Rugged connectors meet challenging automotive requirements

3rd May 2017
Alice Matthews

It is essential that system components evolve to meet new design challenges and application requirements because electric and hybrid vehicles continue to advance in popularity and sophistication. ERNI has an established connector offering that is designed to meet the needs of automotive battery management (BMS) and inverter systems. There are certain considerations for power connectors associated with the battery management systems and inverters.

Advanced wire-to-board connectors enable designers to meet challenging criteria for power-handling, insertion/removal cycles, and mechanical ruggedness under harsh conditions including vibration, stress, and temperature.

The iBridge wire-to-board connector delivers high current density in a miniature package. Featuring a small 2.0mm pitch, the iBridge single-row cable connector system delivers up to 5A per contact at 20°C when paired with an appropriate discrete wire. Despite the small dimensions, the iBridge connector provides secure mating for high vibration applications. The iBridge connector is available up to 12-pins in crimp wire terminations, through-hole solder or SMT terminations for the PCB headers.

The compact single and dual row MaxiBridge wire-to-board connector offers a current carrying capacity of up to 12A per contact on a 2.54mm grid for heavy-duty and space-saving connections. The company claims that its MaxiBridge connector system incorporates many design and safety features that make it one of the most reliable and rugged connectors in the industry, including primary and secondary contact locking features and multiple colours with coding/keying to streamline and ensure proper cable systems integration. Available in vertical and right angle board mount connectors, the new dual row MaxiBridge connector system is currently offered with 2x5 and 2x10 configurations with new additions (pin counts) being added.

The single row, wire-to-board MiniBridge Koshiri connector has a compact, scalable design with a fine 1.27mm pitch. Featuring a housing design with distinctive guides that prevent mismating and protect contact pins and a highly reliable active latch that provides significantly higher mating integrity compared to competing technologies, the MiniBridge Koshiri connector system suited for rugged, space saving automotive connections. Offering design flexibility, MiniBridge Koshiri versions are available with 2, 3, 4, 6, 8, 10 and 12 pins, and have a high current carrying capacity extending to 4A per contact depending on the cable plant employed.

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