P-channel MOSFETs enhance board reliability

6th March 2019
Mick Elliott

-30V and -40V Automotive Grade p-channel TrenchFET power MOSFETs in the PowerPAK SO-8L package with gullwing leads for increased board-level reliability have been introduced by Vishay Intertechnology. Providing more than a 50% reduction in mounting area compared to devices in the DPAK, the AEC-Q101 qualified SQJ407EP and SQJ409EP save PCB space and lower costs while delivering lower on-resistance than any MOSFET with gullwing leads in the 5mm by 6mm footprint.

Due to their high power requirements, motor drives and main power supplies in 12V automotive systems require MOSFETs with extremely low on-resistance for applications such as reverse polarity battery protection and high side switching.

With on-resistance down to 4.4mΩ and 7.0mΩ at 10V, respectively, the Vishay Siliconix -30V SQJ407EP and -40V SQJ409EP are designed to meet this need.

In addition, as p-channel MOSFETs, these devices make ideal load switches that do not require a charge pump to provide the positive gate bias needed by their n-channel counterparts.

The MOSFETs released today offer high temperature operation to +175 °C, while their gullwing leads provide mechanical stress relief during temperature cycling, board flexing, vibration, and drop incidents, and offer excellent board-level reliability compared to rigid QFN packages.

The gullwing leads also facilitate more consistent and dependable results from automatic optical inspection (AOI) processes.

Lead (Pb)-free, halogen-free, and RoHS-compliant, the devices are 100 % Rg and UIS tested.

Samples and production quantities of the SQJ407EP and SQJ409EP are available now.

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