New EV charging solution aims for UK grid stability

10th November 2023
Sheryl Miles

Monta, an EV charging platform, has unveiled PowerBank, its innovative solution designed to address imbalances in the electrical grid.

PowerBank's strategy involves temporarily halting ongoing EV charging sessions to aid in averting power blackouts.

The system functions by linking multiple charging points to the grid. This connection allows Monta to regulate charging activities, temporarily pausing and then resuming EV charging as needed to counter grid imbalances. This process assists in distributing power evenly and reducing the strain from fluctuating electricity production and high consumption, thus preventing outages and contributing to grid stability.

PowerBank has undergone a successful Beta test in Denmark and Sweden, involving 3,600 residential charging points. During this test, Monta managed to aggregate an average of 3 megawatts (MW) of electricity demand nightly, equivalent to the consumption of 2,250 households. On some occasions, the aggregation reached up to 10MW, sufficient for around 6,000 households, highlighting PowerBank's significant potential in stabilising the grid during peak demand times.

Alok Dubey, Regional Director for Western Europe at Monta, commented on the initiative: “At Monta, we're committed to making home-based EV charging more sustainable for the grid and it is our goal to future-proof the EV ecosystem. In the face of increasing volatility and unpredictability in electricity generation and consumption, we face a very real possibility of blackouts and outages.

“With PowerBank, we aim to bolster existing infrastructure, allowing charge point owners to actively safeguard their community against blackouts and contribute to the broader goal of grid stability, by linking charge points to the electrical grid system, PowerBank ingeniously pauses and restarts charging activities, detecting and adjusting to grid imbalances.”

Slated for release to Monta fleet and private customers in Ireland and the UK from December 2023, PowerBank will allow users to earn Monta credits for each kilowatt-hour charged. The credits, varying based on the electricity market price, can be redeemed in the Monta Roaming network, for paying subscriptions, or purchasing items in the Monta Shop.

Dubey added: “By 2030, it's predicted that 10 million EV cars, approximately 30% of all cars, will be on UK roads. This underscores the urgency of enhancing the UK's charge point infrastructure. PowerBank plays a crucial role in supporting and strengthening this infrastructure.”

This announcement follows the successful launch of Monta’s Virtual SolarCharging feature, enabling EV owners to use solar panel-generated electricity, thereby reducing dependence on the National Grid and cutting costs while increasing energy independence and resilience.

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