New Delphi Exhaust Gas Heat Exchanger Will Reduce CO2 Emissions and Improve Hybrid Vehicle Range

1st May 2012
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Delphi Automotive's new exhaust gas heat exchanger (EGHX) will reduce CO2 emissions, provide faster cabin warm-up, improve safety and yield substantial savings during cold starts. The system also recovers heat normally lost in the exhaust system, warming the powertrain coolant directly or as an intermediate for warming other powertrain fluids more quickly.
Delphi is developing high-performance and cost-effective EGHXs that offer packaging and weight advantages as well as exceptionally low pressure losses.

Our testing has shown substantial energy recovery rates can be achieved with the Delphi EGHX, said James Bertrand, president, Delphi Thermal Systems. Our product can recover 5kW to 7kW in a vehicle traveling at 35 to 45mph. This is a particularly useful benefit for hybrids and vehicles with downsized, smaller engines.

Hybrids normally have to run their engines longer in cold weather to keep the cabin warm. Recovering heat from the exhaust could allow their engines to be switched off and operate in electric mode sooner. Hybrid vehicle drivers with Delphi's EGHX can use electric mode more frequently, reducing CO2 emissions and improving fuel economy while protecting battery charge by reducing the use of electric heating.

The largest benefit will be seen as global OEMs continue to downsize engines to reduce emissions. Vehicles with small, highly-efficient engines may have limited heat rejection which is especially evident during cold weather and when the engine is not placed under sustained load.

Many vehicles spend much of their working life in urban conditions making short trips, which may mean they reach full operating temperature near the end of the trip or not at all, especially in winter months, said Bertrand. EGHX improves fuel economy under these conditions for internal combustion and especially hybrid powertrains.

Further reductions in emissions are expected when drivers realize they no longer need to leave their vehicle idling before driving off in order to defrost the windows. Drivers with EGHX will notice that they can begin driving earlier and be comfortable much more quickly, said Bertrand.

Delphi's EGHX will be ready for application later this year.

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