Memory for automotive: A fast-growing and robust market

2nd December 2022
Beth Floyd

In 2021, at $167 billion, stand-alone memory represented 28% of the total semiconductor market. Comparatively, the automotive memory market, worth $4.3 billion in 2021 and with 2.6% of the global memory market revenue, represented 10% of automotive semiconductors. These figures highlight the prevalence of non-memory electronic components in current vehicles.

To illustrate the importance of this rapidly growing and robust market, Yole Intelligence has developed a dedicated market and technology report which provides an overview of memory technologies and business opportunities for automotive applications.

In its new Memory for Automotive 2022 report, the company, part of Yole Group, details and analyses technology trends and forecasts by application and describes the memory use cases and associated memories.

This analysis is part of the memory expertise developed by Yole Group over several years. The group offers a collection of products, all fully dedicated to understanding the memory markets and technologies. As an example, the memory market monitors – the NAND Market Monitor and DRAM Market Monitor – follow the memory ecosystem and highlight the strategies of memory makers. These products include detailed figures by market segment, by technology, … and support the memory players through their strategic decision processes.

Senior Technology & Market Analyst at Yole Intelligence, Thibault Grossi, said: "The automotive market indeed represents a strong business opportunity for memory makers. At Yole Intelligence, we forecast memory to triple in revenue. It will reach 17% of the automotive semiconductor market by 2027, a 20% CAGR21-27, outperforming the global memory market with 8% CAGR21-27 and the automotive semiconductor market with 10% CAGR21-27.”

For further information on the memory for automotive market, click here.

Yole Group is an international company, specialising in the analysis of markets, technological developments and supply chains, as well as the strategy of key players in the semiconductor, photonic and electronic sectors. With Yole Intelligence, Yole SystemPlus and Piséo, the group publishes market, technology, reverse and costing analyses and provides consulting services in strategic marketing and technological analysis. Yole Group also offers due diligence and supports companies through merger-acquisition operations with its division, Yole Finance. The company now employs more than 145 people.

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