M=SLED Modular: New deceleration sled for battery testing

20th November 2020
Lanna Deamer

Hybrid and all-electric drive technologies are expected to continue to gain market share, which will also increase the need for suitable test tools of the energy storage systems used. Lithium-ion packs which are typically used in electric cars usually weigh between 200 and 700kg or even more.

This high mass in combination with the potential fire hazard of the batteries has prompted the crash test experts at MESSRING to develop the all-new M=SLED Modular.

As the name suggests, the solution to the challenge of 'battery tests on deceleration sled systems', presented by MESSRING is a modular concept. The sled has a carriage consisting of two parts and can carry various modules in its centre, each compatible with the chassis in both longitudinal and transverse direction.

Testing batteries safely

A container module is provided for battery tests to determine whether batteries do not suffer critical internal damage even at high acceleration. The entire sled - including the stainless-steel container integrated in the module - has been trimmed for lightweight construction in order to handle the high payload of the battery packs. The lightweight construction allows the necessary speeds and deceleration pulses to be achieved with PU and bending bar brakes without overloading the facility equipment.

Furthermore, the container prevents an uncontrolled spread of the fire in case of emergency and in addition, the fire can be controlled by flooding the container with extinguishing water and the related cooling and oxygen removal. The entire module can then be easily and quickly separated from the chassis and transported to a suitable location for further extinguishing or controlled burning.

The required testing of the batteries in the X and Y axis is also easy to implement thanks to the option of mounting the module in longitudinal and transverse direction.

"With the M=SLED Modular we offer a strong solution to make battery testing significantly more efficient and safer in terms of fire protection, and at the same time a completely new approach for an optimised use of limited facility capacities," stated Wolfgang Rohleder, Head of Sales, MESSRING GmbH.

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