Improving mobile phone connection on commuter trains

3rd October 2017
Lanna Cooper


If you are a regular train commuter you will understand the struggle of poor mobile phone connectivity across major rail lines. So the news that the Chancellor of the Exchequer, Philip Hammond recently announced a £300m investment to improve rail infrastructure across Northern England, will be music to your ears.

Anthony Sutton at Cobham Wireless, discussed his hopes for some of the investment to be spent on improving the poor mobile phone connectivity across major commuter rail lines.

“Poor public transport is a major barrier to meeting regional business and employment goals, inhibiting the economic prosperity of our country. Philip Hammond’s proposed £300m investment to improve rail links across northern England will therefore be welcome news to commuters and businesses across the region. But whilst the investment offers a long term solution to improve rail services, commuters will continue to face overcrowding, strike action, and disruption due to train line and station works.

“Millions of commuters use the UK’s rail services every day, and the Government must ensure quality of service and value for money. Despite the promised investment, issues with mobile phone reception still plague the UK’s rail network, preventing commuters from working and staying connected. Many other countries across Europe - such as Germany, Netherlands and Spain - are investing heavily to ensure that there is sufficient mobile coverage across their major rail routes. To ensure that the UK is not left behind, it is important that some of the Government budget is used to improve mobile phone connectivity on our rail services.

“Investment in the northern rail network, as well as solving on-board connectivity, will help form the backbone of the 'fundamentally strong' UK economy Hammond promises, as well as providing a much needed boost to commuter satisfaction levels.”

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