Holistic thermal management and advanced control in EVs

10th July 2020
Lanna Cooper

In a free one-hour webinar to be hosted at 12.00 BST (07.00 EST / 13.00 CET) on Thursday 16th July, Ricardo will present a holistic approach to the thermal optimisation and control of electrified vehicle powertrains, which can extend zero emission (electric-only) range by up to 20%.

Thermal management and advanced control systems can play a significant role in the improving the energy efficiency of new battery electric and plug-in hybrid powertrain cars (xEVs). This is illustrated by the fact that the electrical energy absorbed by the electric ancillaries - such as those required to heat or cool the traction battery pack and maintain cabin air comfort - may be comparable with that required to move the vehicle. 

The architecture of xEV thermal systems is becoming increasingly complex. For example, in order to avoid the requirement for conventional resistive electric heaters for use in cold ambient conditions, many manufacturers are exploring innovations such as waste heat recovery from electric machines and power electronics, and the use of direct or indirect heat pumps. Ricardo believes that innovations such as these can improve zero emission (electric-only) range by up to 15%, or by up to 20% if combined with advanced thermal control.

In addition to the performance benefits gained by the adoption of model-based development and model predictive control, xEV powertrain development costs can be reduced by 20% and development time by 30% through reduction in the number of design iterations and calibration activities required.

In this free 60-minute webinar, Ricardo’s Dr Cedric Rouaud, Global Technical Expert on Thermal Systems, and Dr Peter Fussey, Technical Leader of Control and Calibration, will present these novel approaches to the optimisation of xEV energy consumption. In doing so they will share their experiences drawn from a range of collaborative R&D projects as well as the results of Ricardo’s own targeted research in this area.

To register for this free webinar, click here.

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