High-temperature MLCCs are rated to 250°C

23rd May 2014
Staff Reporter

A series of MLCCs, designed to deliver long lifetime performance at operating temperatures in excess 125°C, has been launched by AVX. Rated to an industry leading 250°C, the MLCCs have been designed to accomadate the rapidly emerging military and commercial market demands for high temperature, reliable capacitors. The AT Series capacitors exhibit high current handling capabilities, high volumetric efficiency, high insulation resistance, and extremely low ESR and ESL.

Available in a wide range of sizes, values, and voltages all rated at 250°C, in addition to two dielectrics and multiple termination options, AT Series capacitors provide exceptional performance in the most demanding automotive, avionics, aerospace, and energy applications.

Specifically, AT Series MLCCs are ideal for use as filters in the power electronics, switch mode power supplies, and DC/DC converters designed into a broad range of automotive applications, including: under hood, hybrid electric vehicle, engine control, sensor, and timing circuit applications; avionics and aerospace applications, including: transducer, engine control, spacecraft, flap and brake control, sensor, and timing circuit applications; and energy applications, including: down-hole oil exploration, logging while drilling, geophysical probe, seismic, geothermal, wind, solar, sensor, and timing circuit applications.

"Present military specifications and a majority of commercial applications currently require a maximum operating temperature of 125°C. However, the market for high temperature electronics is expanding rapidly and demands capacitors that are capable of reliable, long-term operation at temperatures well beyond 125°C," said Stan Cygan, senior applications engineer at AVX. "We developed the new AT Series MLCCs in direct response to these market demands and plan to continue expanding the already extensive range of size, value, and voltage options to provide the automotive, aerospace, and energy industries with a comprehensive range of high-reliability, high-temperature solutions."

Rated to 16V and 25V at 250°C and for operating temperatures spanning -55°C to +250°C, AVX’s new high temperature AT Series MLCCs are available in both C0G (Class I) and VHT (Class II) dielectrics. The series includes capacitance values spanning 2200pF to 1µF with capacitance tolerances down to ±5%; ±10%, and ±20% are also available. Featuring two termination options (Pd/Ag & RoHS-compliant 100% Sn plated) and case sizes ranging from 1206 to 2225, AT Series MLCCs are available on 7” or 13” reels or in bulk. Future expansions of the AT Series are to include higher CV, higher voltage, and automotive qualified components.

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