Global development of high voltage fast charging for EVs

3rd April 2020
Lanna Cooper

A new report published by Ricardo highlights the rapidly changing landscape for fast charging electric vehicles (EVs), and the implications for vehicle makers, supply chains, charging infrastructure providers and equipment manufacturers.

The report - High Voltage and Fast Charging for Electric Vehicles - shows how automotive manufacturers and infrastructure providers in the US, China and Europe are responding to the needs of consumers, in order to make electric vehicles more attractive to users.

It also addresses how technologies, standards and electric powertrain systems will need to be developed to meet these consumer needs.

The publication provides an overview of the future landscape for fast charging of electric vehicles. It includes a description of the latest battery electric vehicle charging trends; an overview of planned fast charging networks in Europe, the US and China, along with fast charging network statistics; a look at current and future development of battery electric vehicle technology; and an overview of the capabilities needed to accept faster charging and provide longer vehicle driving ranges.

As the automotive industry moves toward larger battery capacities, with longer driving ranges and faster charging times, the report provides insight into current and future electric vehicle specifications. The broader technical implications of high voltage charging on infrastructure, battery life, battery chemistry and vehicle electrical architecture are also addressed.

The report is essential information for anyone who wants to understand next-generation battery electric vehicle development, those developing or supplying on-board electric powertrain products, energy companies, infrastructure providers, and suppliers of charging equipment.

It provides a concise, independent and objective overview of the current and future landscape, combining both market and technology implications.

The report High Voltage and Fast Charging for Electric Vehicles is available from the Ricardo eStore here.

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