EVbee's LUX AC home EV charger wins Red Dot Award 2024

10th April 2024
Harry Fowle

The EV charging brand’s LUX AC Home Charger has been awarded a prestigious Red Dot Award 2024 for Product Design.

The sleek and compact design of the EVbee LUX AC Home Charger impressed the international jury, showcasing its innovative approach to home charging. This esteemed accolade highlights EVbee's commitment to delivering cutting-edge and user-centric solutions in the EV charging industry. The Red Dot Award for Product Design is a globally recognised symbol of design excellence.

LUX is a powerful but compact home charger that prioritises safe and efficient charging with up to 22kW of charging power. Featuring an integrated O-PEN detection device, passive cooling system in the form of an aluminium heat sink, and modular design to ensure easy installation, LUX makes home charging carefree. The sleek design of the LUX also features customisable LED indicators that users can personalise to enhance the intuitiveness of your charging, whilst also harmoniously fitting into your home.

Seamless app integration allows EV users to control their charging all from their phone or tablet completely. Via Wi-Fi, 4G, or Bluetooth connection, smart home integration is simple, bringing the LUX charger into the home circuit. Utilising the latest EV technology, the LUX AC Home Charger supports dynamic load balancing, which integrates into your home electrical system and reduces peaks in your energy usage by intelligently adjusting power output depending on your household's energy consumption. Monitoring real-time charging data, adjust charging speed according to circuit output and switch phases when the circuit load is imbalanced, the LUX Home Charger works to ensure reliable EV charging whilst maintaining optimum efficiency.

Designed to keep up with the latest EV industry trends, the LUX AC Home Charger is compatible with the additional accessory Prisma Energy Hub, which takes charging to the next level with heightened efficiency and smart charging capabilities.

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