EV-charging service calls EV-users to charge in Madrid

24th November 2022
Beth Floyd

EV-charger manufacturer L-Charge has announced the start for commercial operation of its ultra-fast mobile EV-charging service in Madrid this November.

The company calls future partners and customers to join is service during the discount period between November 17th-23rd and test it with charging price of only €10 to charge up to 80%. To try out L-Charge's new service it's only required to register via the online form on company's website.

L-Charge is a global company that develops and produces multifuel off-grid EV charge points that are powered by LNG, hydrogen or a mixture of both. Their mobile charging van incorporates a mini-power station onboard that uses clean fuels to produce electricity, allowing it to roam freely around the city and be called when needed via the App, in the same manner as a taxi. It is also possible to book and assign the mobile charging van to a convenient location. The mobile charging van provides super-fast charging – from 0% to 80% in 15-25 minutes.

"We hope that our service will make EV-owners life more convenient. In the first month it's an opportunity to get charged up to 80% of your battery for a bargain price of only €10, which is so crucial today, when electricity prices are skyrocketing. Our mobile solution could solve two problems at once: expending the EV charging infrastructure, while bringing relief to power grid and EV-owners," said Justin Tarr, L-Charge VP.

L-Charge solutions remove the main obstacle for EV-owners – lack of supercharging infrastructure and offer companies from key sectors, including leisure and hospitality, retail, car manufacturing, vehicle rentals, and fleet management unique advantages of joining new ultra-fast charging market, while advancing their cost-effectiveness, resilience, and the ability to significantly enhance sustainability credentials.

L-Charge is a UK-based EV-charger manufacturer with production facilities in the Baltic states. Its mobile EV-charger is a mini-power station for fast charging of electric vehicles. The main feature of the L-Charge solution is the ability to convert the engine operation from natural gas to 100% hydrogen when hydrogen will become available. It takes it 10-20 minutes to charge one car up to 80%. One mobile L-Charge station can charge 24 electric cars per day. 

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