Eurotech Extends Proven DynaPCN Passenger Counting Family

21st May 2013
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Eurotech today announces the launch of the DynaPCN 10-20, a compact and fully integrated passenger counter with Ethernet communications specifically designed for public vehicles. The DynaPCN 10-20 extends the proven family of DynaPCN products that are certified for railway applications, adding more precise algorithms for counting passengers as they enter and depart while easing integration with other onboard systems.

The DynaPCN 10-20, based on noncontact stereoscopic vision technology coupled with sophisticated real-time image analysis, results in the ability to count train, tram or bus passengers with high accuracy levels without the need for elaboration by other systems. The passenger counter provides reliable and dependable performance in a railway environment with a protected IP65 aluminum-alloy case, EN51055 T1 certification, and Ethernet communication channel to other systems and isolated power supply ports. The device is designed to be inconspicuous, with flush mounting near the entrance of the vehicle.

Eurotech’s on-board computer product portfolio lets transportation customers link several passenger counters on one single vehicle, and using Everyware Cloud technology, make real-time decisions about usage and schedules. The DynaPCN 10-20 can also be combined with Eurotech’s mobile computing systems to create a complete, intelligent and fully customizable network with advanced surveillance, communication and infotainment capabilities.

Benefits of deploying a passenger counting system based on the DynaPCN family include:

• Comparing and verifying fare collection figures with passenger counts
• Validating passenger counts to justify payments due to transportation companies
• Scheduling maintenance and cleaning based on vehicle usage
• Optimizing vehicle load across regions, time periods, or other factors
• Monitoring service quality

“The DynaPCN product line is a trusted solution that has been deployed by transportation customers around the world,” said Robert Andres, Chief Marketing Officer of Eurotech. “The new DynaPCN 10-20 improves the product for even more accurate counting levels while easing integration with other systems. Now customers can seamlessly capture passenger data and deliver it through the Everyware Cloud, Eurotech’s M2M platform, to generate reports or graph the data in real-time for fast and efficient business decisions.”

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