Electric vehicle DC/DC converters benefit from new high-voltage MLCC

17th June 2024
Paige West

Samsung Electro-Mechanics has introduced the CL32B104KHU6PN#, a high-voltage multi-layer ceramic capacitor (MLCC) tailored for electric vehicle applications such as DC/DC converters.

Mass production of this new X7R MLCC, featuring a 100nF capacitance and a maximum rated voltage of 630V, is now underway.

MLCCs are becoming increasingly vital in modern automobiles as OEMs strive to meet consumer demands for electrification and enhanced functionality. Trends such as miniaturisation, high voltage, stability, and higher capacitance are driving the increased usage of MLCCs in vehicles.

To address the need for optimal capacitor solutions that align with these trends, Samsung Electro-Mechanics developed the high-performance CL32B104KHU6PN# MLCC. This component, available in a compact 1210 (3.2 x 2.5mm) form factor, features X7R characteristics (±15% capacitance change rate at -55 to 125℃) and a high rated voltage of 630VDC. By offering 100nF capacitance in the 1210, X7R, 630V lineup, this product meets the miniaturisation and high-efficiency requirements crucial for electric vehicle applications, including DC-DC converters and on-board chargers (OBCs).

Electric vehicles require higher voltages for components such as propulsion systems, air conditioners, and starter motors. A DC/DC converter is essential for converting these high voltages to 12VDC to power in-vehicle infotainment systems. These converters need MLCCs for functions like electromagnetic interference (EMI) filtering, requiring high capacitance at high voltages. The CL32B104KHU6PN# from Samsung Electro-Mechanics delivers an optimal solution for these needs. Samples are available on request.

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