Distribute large current loads with configurable switching module

20th November 2013
Staff Reporter

Test solutions which specifically need to distribute large current loads used to rely on expensive power switching devices. The new TS-PSM3 from Rhode & Schwarz offers automotive manufacturers a different solution: a configurable power switching module that is fully integrated into the PXI-based R&S TSVP test system. The TS-PSM3 replaces auxiliary switching devices and is suitable for loads up to 30 A.

Due to the increasing integration of power electronics in actuators requiring innovative test scenarios in production, the new R&S TS-PSM3 plug-in module integrates the switching of high-current DUTs into the R&S TSVP base unit and satisfies test system requirements for electronic control units (ECU) such as a vehicle’s transmission control unit without any auxiliary devices. Decentralized power electronics for hybrid drivetrains can also be fully tested using this modular, scalable solution.

Offering a wide range of measurement modules for various applications, the modules are integrated via standardized interfaces such as PXI, CAN bus and rear I/O meaning the test system can be configured for measurements in development and in production. Together with the power switching module, it can, for example, test multiple DUTs at the same time and supply them with electricity – for efficient production tests.

Ideal for connecting test loads, original loads and simulated electronic loads, the R&S TS-PSM3 is designed for switching voltages up to 30 V. The module boasts eight channels for currents up to 30 A and eight channels for up to 2 A that distribute the load. Integrated current sensors can detect the current flow and forward it to the internal analog bus for precise measurement. The 2 amp signal paths can also be used as sense lines to check the voltages on the DUT. To program a secure signal routing, users can add the R&S TS-LSRL signal routing library software option. Comprehensive self-test capability and integrated counting of switching cycles significantly increases operational safety. The user connects the power supply on the rear I/O module.

The R&S TS-PSM3 power switching module for currents up to 30 A is now available from Rohde & Schwarz. Before the end of the year, the R&S TS-PSM5 will be available for currents up to 50 A. 

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