Automotive thin film chip resistor family extended

21st January 2015
Nat Bowers

Now available in 0402 and 1206 case sizes, the PATT precision automotive thin film chip resistor family has been extended by Vishay Intertechnology. The devices are offered with gold-plated terminals for conventional solder assembly and conductive glueable board mount technologies, as well as high-temperature operation to +155°C with 100% power dissipation, derated linearly to +250°C.

This provides an 85°C extension in operating temperature range over most conventional chip resistors. The AEC-Q200 qualified device offers a low absolute TCR down to ±25 ppm/°C and laser-trimmed tolerances down to ±0.1%. The part features an intrinsic moisture-protected resistor element built on tantalum nitride technology.

With a load-life stability of less than 0.2% at +155°C and full rated power dissipation for 1,000 hours, the resistors are optimised for the low-noise analogue signal processing required to compensate for low offset and temperature drift in high-temperature environments such as gain setting in ultra-low noise and precision analogue digital processors and high-gain audio amplifiers; under-the-hood automotive applications; high-precision oil and gas exploration; industrial in-line testers; metering; and telecomms and industrial equipment.

Offered in 0402, 0603, 0805 and 1206 case sizes, the PATT family provides a wide resistance range from 1Ω to 1MΩ. The device features very low noise of less than -30dB, a low voltage coefficient of 0.1ppm/V, power dissipation ratings from 50 to 400mW, and 75 to 200V maximum working voltages.

The resistor features a high-purity ceramic substrate, 0.254μm gold terminations over nickel barrier for high-temperature HMP soldering or conductive gluing bonding and withstands ESD to 2kV per AEC-Q200 Class 1C. The device is moisture-resistant according to MIL-STD-202, method 106; flame-resistant according to AEC-Q200-001; sulphur-resistant per ASTM B809-95 humid vapour test; and 100% visually inspected per MIL-PRF-55342. The PATT resistors are halogen-free, RoHS-compliant and Vishay Green.

Samples and production quantities of the PATT resistor in the 0402 and 1206 case sizes are available now, with lead times of eight weeks.

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