Automotive SMT power inductors operate up to +180°C

27th April 2016
Nat Bowers

Designed for use in high temperature, high power, automotive applications, TT Electronics has announced a range of SMT power inductors. The HA72T-06 series inductors meet the growing automotive market’s demand for certified, high power inductors for high efficiency DC/DC converter deployment using high switching frequencies up to 3Mhz as well for as EMI and low pass DC ripple filters in high temperature environments.

TT Electronics’ HA72T-06 series inductors are designed with the latest composite moulded core materials to maximise inductance, temperature performance and saturation current while minimising DC resistance and physical size. The result is a compact, surface mount component that operates in demanding environments with currents up to 45A. Specific automotive applications range from powertrain use to inclusion in electric power steering, braking, transmission control, engine control and lighting.

The HA72T-06 series has been designed as a +180°C, high temperature rated moulded inductor for high stress environments that require high current saturation levels. This extremely high operating temperature capability positions the HA72T-06 series ahead of similar components available from competitors, say TT Electronics.

In terms of reliability, HA72T-06 inductors are mechanically robust and resist corrosion in humid environments. Their magnetically shielded design improves system level EMI performance. They are suited for high power density applications where size is critical and AEC-Q200 certification and performance are required.

TT Electronics’ HA72T-06 automotive certified inductors will be of interest to system designers, component engineers, design engineers, purchasers and buyers for use in automotive powertrain, HEVs, start-and-stop systems and electric power steering applications.

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