Automotive grade PIN photodiodes deliver photoresponse linearity

1st March 2016
Jordan Mulcare


Vishay Intertechnology is broadening its optoelectronics portfolio with the introduction of six Automotive Grade, high-speed silicon PIN photodiodes that feature excellent photoresponse linearity for small signal detection.

Available in three low-profile, surface-mount packages, devices in the Vishay Semiconductors VEMDxx60X01 family offer fast response times; sensitive areas of 0.23, 0.85 and 7.5mm²; and high reverse light current to 38µA for automotive and industrial applications.

The AEC-Q101-qualified photodiodes released today deliver excellent linearity down to the lowest signal levels without disruptions from ambient light noise. The linearity deviation of the reverse light current is less than 1%, comparing the relative difference of the photocurrent generated by a small infrared signal (1 mW/cm²) with and without the presence of large background illumination (100 mW/cm²). This excellent linearity makes it particularly easy to design robust and reliable reflective sensors as used in touchless faucets, optical switches, proximity sensors, or automotive rain sensors.

For the detection of visible and near infrared radiation, the VEMD1060X01, VEMD5060X01 and VEMD6060X01 are clear devices with a wide sensitivity range of 380 to 1070nm. For 700 to 1070nm infrared applications, the VEMD1160X01, VEMD5160X01 and VEMD6160X01 are black devices featuring a daylight blocking filter.

The VEMDxx60X01 family is available in the 2x1.25x0.85mm top-view 0805 package; the 5x4x0.9mm top-view QFN; and the 4x2x1.05mm 1206. The devices feature ± 65° and ± 70° angles of half sensitivity, a wide temperature range of -40 to +110 °C, and wavelength of peak sensitivity of 820 or 840nm. RoHS-compliant, halogen-free and Vishay Green, the PIN photodiodes provide moisture sensitivity levels (MSL) to 3, in accordance with J-STD-020, for a floor life of 168 hours.

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