Automotive electronic solutions cover ICs and connectors

23rd August 2021
Mick Elliott

New products to help engineers implement next-generation automotive electronic designs have been introduced by distributor Mouser Electronics.

Covering a broad range of categories these advanced automotive solutions help boost performance, enhance comfort and improve safety.

Automotive embedded product highlights available from Mouser include the following:

  • Infineon Technologies Traveo II 32-bit automotive microcontroller units (MCUs) feature a single ArmCortex-M4F plus dual Arm Cortex-M7F processors, and are capable of delivering 1500 DMIPS operation. These devices have 4MB of flash and 512kB SRAM memory, as well as an eight-channel CAN FD interface. The scalability and IP compatibility of these MCUs allow automobile manufacturers to take a platform approach and address requirements of different vehicle models while minimising the engineering resources. 
  • The Maxim Integrated MAX25530 four-channel automotive backlight driver is optimised for incorporation in automotive dashboards, central information units, and navigation systems. This device has a four-output TFT-LCD bias power with a synchronous boost converter, an inverting buck-boost converter, and two charge pump drivers, all integrated into a compact package that helps save valuable board space.
  • Samtec’s 400-pin COM-HPC interconnect array solutions can provide the high-density connectivity needed by artificial intelligence (AI) systems and connected vehicles. They support data rates reaching 32Gbps/channel, thereby allowing PCIe 5.0 interfacing to be supported. 
  • Among the many automotive motor control solutions available from Infineon Technologies, the TLE92108-x multi-MOSFET driver ICs can control up to eight half-bridges (i.e., 16 N-channel MOSFETs) and incorporate numerous diagnostic and safety functions to ensure long-term operation. 
  • The 50mm-pitch Molex Premo-Flex FFC jumpers offer low-profile, ultra-thin foil aluminum shielding to make them highly suited to deployment in environments where a high degree of protection from electromagnetic interference (EMI) is essential — such as complex automotive GPS and infotainment systems.

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