Additional security added to AUTOSTAR software

18th February 2020
Lanna Cooper

C2A Security has announced that it has successfully integrated its endpoint cyber security protection technology with Vector’s AUTOSAR Classic basic software. This integration will enable AUTOSAR developers to add an additional security control to automotive ECU projects without impacting time to market or harming safety compliance, and with negligible run time performance impact.

C2A Security’s endpoint solution safeguards the ECU by offering comprehensive run time protection while complying with safety and security standards. It detects malicious activity in real time and prevents attackers from leveraging potential vulnerabilities at the ECU level.

“Tier 1s and OEMs are increasingly applying cyber security controls in AUTOSAR embedded software projects,” said Nathaniel Meron, Chief Product and Marketing Officer at C2A Security. “The integration of our endpoint security into Vector’s basic software, the market leader when it comes to AUTOSAR basic software and tools, gives AUTOSAR developers several advantages, e.g. they are now able to seamlessly add C2A’s endpoint runtime protection technology as a security sensor into AUTOSAR projects following the AUTOSAR methodology.” 

“The automotive industry is increasingly deploying security controls in vehicle E/E architectures. These controls include secure boot, secure OTA, HSMs, diagnostic authentication, policing, vehicle key management and secure onboard communication,” said Dr. Eduard Metzker, Automotive Cybersecurity Solution Manager at Vector Informatik.

“Intrusion detection and prevention systems (IDPS) are a meaningful addition to the set of available security controls. IDPS systems require a wide range of different security sensors. We see C2A’s run time protection technology as a potential security sensor of a distributed onboards IDPS. The proof of concept which was created during the collaboration showed that the C2A engineers are able to successfully integrate C2A’s run time protection technology with Vector AUTOSAR basic software”.

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