New 2.5A smart gate drive optocoupler from Avago

18th October 2013
Staff Reporter

The ACPL-32JT, a new automotive 2.5A smart gate drive optocoupler device, has been announced by Avago Technologies. Enabling isolated power supply in automotive powertrain systems, the ACPL-32JT features an integrated flyback controller supporting regulated output voltage and a full set of fail-safe IGBT diagnostics, protection and fault reporting in support of automotive functional safety requirements.

The ACPL-32JT expands Avago’s automotive R2Coupler™ family of products and is intended to further simplify automotive multi-channel IGBT driver board design. By integrating the flyback controller, the ACPL-32JT allows fewer discrete components and small high-efficiency transformer to be placed next to the IC thereby reducing the overall footprint and minimizing electromagnetic interference (EMI) and noise coupling between the IGBT channels.  The ACPL-32JT enables automotive power module designers to develop highly compact energy-efficient 6-channel IGBT driver modules.

More than 50 automotive manufacturers and suppliers for EV, HEV and PHEV have adopted or are designing in Avago’s automotive R2Coupler products in battery management system, powertrain traction inverter, converter, charger, air conditioner compressor, heater, oil pump, CAN bus interface, analog sensing and fault feedback system.

Product Highlights

  • Automotive Qualified per AEC-Q100 Grade 1
  • Integrated Flyback Controller for Isolated High Side Power Supply
  • Fail-Safe IGBT Protection: Desaturation Sensing, Soft IGBT Turn-Off, Fault Feedback, Under Voltage Lock Out (UVLO) with feedback and Active Miller Clamping
  • Wide Input Voltage Range: 8 to 18 V
  • 2.5A Maximum Peak Output Current
  • 50kV/µs Minimum High Common Mode Rejection (CMR)
  • Compact SO-16 Package Minimizing PCB Board Space and Cost
  • Wide Operating Temperature Range: -40oC to +125oC
  • Worldwide Safety Approvals: UL1577, CSA and IEC/EN/DIN EN 60747-5-5 (Note these important safety standards are not relevant to non-optical isolators such as magnetic and capacitor-based isolators)

Avago will be showcasing the ACPL-32JT in the Avago Booth #56 at the VDI Elektronik im Fahrzeug 2013 exhibition in Baden-Baden, Germany from October 16th to 17th.

“The automotive sector continues to grow as government regulations and energy savings drive demand for EVs, HEVs and PHEVs,” said Cheng-Dee Lee, director of business development for Avago’s Isolation Products Division. “The new ACPL-32JT device is our solution for customers looking for a compact smart gate driver that enables isolated power supplies to meet the stringent size and safety requirements for automotive powertrains.”


Samples and production quantities of the ACPL-32JT are available now through the Avago direct sales channel and via worldwide distribution partners. Please contact your local Avago Technologies sales representative for pricing.

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