Achieving vehicle efficiency through the connected horizon

7th September 2020
Lanna Cooper

In a free one-hour webinar to be hosted at 15.00 BST (10.00 EST / 16.00 CET) on 21st September, Ricardo will present its perspective on how connected electronic horizon technology can improve energy efficiency, while also enabling both enhanced assistive controls for greater passenger comfort, and smart planning for zero emissions in urban areas.

The increasing availability of connected electronic horizon technologies offers automakers, tier 1 system developers and urban traffic management authorities the opportunity to significantly enhance the efficiency of new vehicles, while also improving urban air quality. 

In this free 60-minute Automotive World webinar, Ricardo’s Kenan Mustafa and Tomasz Larkowski will present test results of Ricardo’s latest demonstrator vehicle, ConnectHEV, which utilises connected electronic horizon technology for onboard energy efficiency improvement, while also providing enhanced assistive controls for greater occupant comfort. Crucially, they will also set out how the technology can enable smart planning for zero emissions in geofenced urban areas.

The webinar will focus on the technologies demonstrated in ConnectHEV, including the powertrain and holistic thermal system management optimization, and how these benefit consumers. The presenters will also outline the intelligent use of connected controls, and how the company can work with partners to deliver the full benefits of connected electronic horizon technologies in future vehicles.

To register for this free webinar, click here.

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