3,000 freight wagons equipped with telematics technology

8th March 2017
Alice Matthews

ScandFibre Logistics (SFL), in cooperation with the freight wagon rental company, TRANSWAGGON (TWA), has evaluated a number of telematics providers with respect to, among other things, tracking goods (via GPS/GNSS). Choosing from a number of telematics providers, both companies decided on the Swiss firm, SAVVY Telematic Systems AG. SAVVY best meets the high requirements of TWA and SFL, and proved to be the most reliable and competent telematics provider.

Functionalities on the 50 TWA freight wagons used across Europe in SFL transport and SAVVY team's service quality were then subjected to intense testing. Battery drain in the cold Scandinavian countries, the accompanying risk of battery self-discharge, and the configuration flexibility of the SAVVY Cargo Trac-I telematics units were a major focus.

SAVVY provides precise position data in real-time along the entire route – from freight wagon loading to unloading – with an accuracy of up to 2m including shock detection with configurable thresholds in x.y, and z axes. At over 1,000 POIs (Points Of Interest, also known as geofences) such as loading and unloading points, or switch yards, the distance (air or rail route) up to the next ten POIs is displayed with each position report. In addition to transmitting position data and the resulting route deviation and performance data, the system provides additional shock detection data.

A special highlight is that SAVVY records updates, configuration changes etc. 'over the air' on the devices; additional sensors to e.g. indicate temperature or overloading can also be installed.

Completely maintenance-free telematics devices, precise and reliable data, robustness and stability even under the harshest conditions at temperatures of up to -40°C are compelling. In November 2016, TWA, SFL, and SAVVY signed a five year (GPS information) contract. Installation on the rest of the 3,000 freight wagons will begin in February 2017.

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