Analogue front-end ICs aid software-defined factory

25th October 2023
Mick Elliott

In stock at authorised distributor Mouser Electronics is the N-AFE 8-channel analogue front-end (AFE) ICs from NXP Semiconductors.

These N-AFE ICs are highly configurable industrial-grade multichannel universal input AFEs that meet high-precision measurement requirements.

They integrate low-leakage, high-voltage (HV) fast multiplexers, a low-offset / low-drift programmable gain amplifier (PGA) and buffers, a high data-rate 24-bit Delta-Sigma analogue-to-digital converter (ADC), and a low-drift voltage reference.

Designed as software-configurable universal analogue input devices, the new N-AFE family helps enable the software-defined factory, making it easier for operators to configure a smart factory and adjust settings based on shifting market needs.

The N-AFE family of devices integrates up to eight universal analogue inputs at a lower system cost for data acquisition systems in factory and process automation.

It combines signal chain protection, precision amplification and high-speed data conversion, filters and highly accurate self-diagnostics to monitor factory conditions, helping to ensure a more consistent and repeatable quality of product.

These devices also integrate additional advanced diagnostics to reduce factory downtime with predictive maintenance and anomaly detection, while their factory calibration and self-calibration features help reduce test costs.

Applications include programmable logic controllers (PLCs), I/O modules, data loggers, instrumentation, and high-precision sensor/data acquisition systems.

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