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Samotics helps customers realise up to 15% energy savings

19th September 2023
Sheryl Miles

Samotics, a provider of actionable insights to eliminate industrial energy waste and unplanned downtime, announces the launch of its latest energy efficiency solution: Energy Analytics.

The platform enables industrial organisations to unlock the full value of existing data to realise energy savings of up to 15% and reduce associated CO2 emissions.

“There is a growing sense of urgency for industrial organisations to improve the efficiency of their operations and reduce energy waste. Electricity costs – which are by far the largest outlay when operating rotating equipment – continue to increase amid ongoing pressures within energy markets. Organisations are also working to realise ambitious sustainability targets as part of a global push toward net zero,” said Jasper Hoogeweegen, CEO at Samotics. “Energy Analytics enables organisations to act immediately with no hardware investment, transforming fragmented, granular datasets into concrete recommendations to reduce energy costs and emissions.”

Energy Analytics leverages Samotics’ years of experience monitoring electrical signals to provide insight into the efficiency of rotating equipment, benchmark performance against industry best practices, and deliver actionable, prioritised savings recommendations.

With Energy Analytics, organisations simply enable access to historic telemetry data from their existing measurement infrastructure (e.g., SCADA systems), which is then mapped, cleaned, and pre-processed to enable structured analysis within the analytics platform.

Support from Samotics’ expert team then enables organisations to quickly realise and report significant energy savings of up to 15% through continuous optimisation, without the CAPEX investment and complexity associated with the installation of hardware.

Energy Analytics directly complements Samotics’ widely deployed and proven SAM4 technology ecosystem which uses electrical signature analysis (ESA) to enable continuous monitoring of the assets' health, performance, and energy efficiency. Where an organisation’s existing monitoring data is incomplete in terms of volume or quality, for example, SAM4 Energy sensors can be quickly and easily installed. This is particularly beneficial for equipment in harsh or submerged environments, as the sensors are installed in the motor control cabinet rather than on the asset itself.

“Adding a software-only solution to our product suite equips industrial organisations with another powerful, flexible tool to unlock performance and sustainability benefits through a smart, proactive condition-based maintenance approach, while providing an opportunity to significantly scale our ability to support organisations around the world,” adds Hoogeweegen.

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