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Dow and Circusil collab to build silicone recycling plant

7th November 2023
Harry Fowle

Dow and Circusil LLC have announced their partnership to establish the first commercial-scale silicone recycling plant in North America.

The facility is slated to begin its operations in the fourth quarter of 2024 and will recycle silicone waste from Dow's operations in the United States as well as post-industrial waste from its customers. This initiative marks a significant advancement in Dow's commitment to the circularity of silicone, enabling the production of silicone polymers from recycled silicone waste and end-of-life products from its U.S. operations.

The sophisticated recycling process to be employed at the new facility aims to enhance sustainability. It is designed to enable the recycling of silicone by creating a closed-loop system and is expected to reduce the overall carbon footprint. Recycled silicones are projected to have a lower carbon footprint than those produced from virgin materials.

Eric Peeters, Vice President for Dow Performance Materials & Coatings, stated: “Our partnership with Circusil LLC to establish silicone recycling capabilities in North America marks a major stride forward in our pursuit of circularity. It reflects our ambition to lead silicone recycling at scale,” said Eric Peeters, Vice President for Dow Performance Materials & Coatings. “As a global silicone manufacturer, we are actively delivering on our commitment to drive circularity, aiming to achieve a closed-loop system for this extremely valuable material, while lowering the carbon footprint of silicones.”

Silicones are essential in a broad spectrum of critical applications across key industries, including electronics, automotive, electric vehicles, construction, and renewable energy. Silicon, the base element from which silicones are derived, is recognised by the U.S. Department of Energy as a critical material for energy.

With the new facility in Paris, Kentucky, Dow's U.S. customers will be able to:

  • Recycle silicone waste from their own processes, thereby reducing their carbon footprint and Scope 1 or 3 emissions related to waste disposal.
  • Gain access to silicone polymers made from recycled content, meeting the increasing demand for sustainable products.
  • Enhance their progress towards achieving their sustainability targets.

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