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DNV launches power transformer joint industry project

24th November 2023
Sheryl Miles

DNV, the independent energy expert and assurance provider, has initiated an innovative Joint Industry Project (JIP) in collaboration with Siemens Energy and other key industry players.

The project aims to enhance the sustainability, reliability, and environmental responsibility of power transformers, essential components of energy infrastructure.

The transition to a green future involves making the energy infrastructure, including power transformers, more environmentally friendly. The JIP addresses the environmental impact and sustainability of these critical assets, seeking to establish standardised sustainability practices and promote an eco-friendlier energy sector.

The JIP's objectives include defining standardised boundaries and key performance indicators for power transformers, developing a recommended Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) methodology, establishing a basis for material passport and Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) reports, and creating an assessment methodology for various end-user segments.

Industry leaders such as Siemens Energy, Hitachi, SGB-SMIT Group, R&S Group, Ormazabal, HSP/Trench Group, TenneT TSO, Elia Group, Amprion TSO, Westnetz, Thyssen Krupp Electrical Steel, Essexwire, JFE Steel Corporation, Nippon Steel, Metal One, M&I Materials (Midel), Nynas, Cargil, Ergon, and Electrical Oil Services (EOS) have joined the project. The JIP is currently in its first round of technical workshops, with the application process open for additional partners.

Prajeev Rasiah, Executive Vice President and Regional Director for Energy Systems, Northern Europe at DNV, stated: "As an independent advisor DNV is helping industries and governments to transition faster to a deeply decarbonised energy system. We are committed to ensuring that power grid projects are executed with sustainable and responsible operations in mind, making significant progress towards a greener future."

A recent DNV report, 'Power Grids Transition Outlook – Future-proofing our power grids', found that 87% of energy leaders and experts believed in the urgent need for greater investment in the power grid to accommodate renewable energy sources.

The JIP's outcome, a DNV Recommended Practice, will provide a foundation for effective communication and consultation among power transformer stakeholders on sustainability parameters, terminology, data quality, and life cycle assessment.

Christina Iosifidou, Sustainability Manager at Siemens Energy Grid Technologies, commented: “By using the same methodology, we can harmonise sustainability evaluation for high voltage equipment in the energy industry. Such an aligned framework between suppliers, customers and OEMs will increase transparency and reduce efforts on all sides”.

Mohammad Reza Shah Mohammadi, DNV JIP lead, concluded: “DNV invites organisations that share their vision of a more sustainable future for the high voltage industry to join this initiative. By collaborating with industry leaders and experts, the JIP aims to drive positive change and pave the way for a greener and more resilient energy sector.”

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