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Delta launches a prefabricated skid-mounted energy storage system

1st June 2023
Sheryl Miles

Delta, a global specialist in power supply and energy management, has announced the launch of a prefabricated energy storage system (ESS) for industrial and commercial enterprises and EV charging stations.

This ESS is designed to not only help businesses meet their ESG, carbon reduction, and power stability needs, but it also solves issues pertaining to peak shaving and load shifting with solar power systems or EV charging facilities. 

With a skid-mounted design, the ESS comes with the power conditioning system, battery, power distribution system, and control and communication systems pre-configured and integrated with DeltGrid energy management system in a base unit prior to leaving the factory. This means the on-site installation and commissioning time can be significantly shortened just by connecting the base with a few cables using pre-installed wiring, making it easier to meet project deadlines without repeated on-site testing. It allows enterprises to install the ESS without being constrained by limited space, long planning times and construction issues. Delta’s skid-mounted ESS adopts lithium-ion (LFP) batteries that deliver backup times ranging from 2.5 to 8 hours.

However, power dispatching and capacity issues that have arisen from this shift have raised demand for energy storage solutions to balance supply and demand. With years of practical experience in ESSs, Delta has extensive awareness of the difficulties encountered by enterprises. Thus, the new skid-mounted ESS aims to lower the threshold for industrial and commercial users to transit to green energy with less effort, greater effectiveness, and in a timely manner.

Delta’s integrated ESS includes the following features:

  • Prefabricated solution reduces planning difficulties: Owners need only select a system package based on their required output power and backup time. Without a complex system architecture, integration technology, or software development, internal and external communication times can be shortened while lowering the technical threshold for the initial setup.
  • Integrated design saves space: Compared with traditional energy storage containers that are assembled by integrators with equipment purchased from multiple parties, Delta’s skid-mounted ESS is an all-in-one system that can be easily set up via panels and wires that are integrated into a base unit. This makes the ESS suitable for charging stations in metropolitan areas, as it frees more space for chargers and parking spaces. As the number of charging station visitors increases in the future, it is simple to add more systems for parallel operation.
  • Shorter establishment period means going live faster: With wiring configuration in the base unit 1/3 and integration testing performed before the system leaves the factory, the ESS can go live easily just by connecting the base unit with a few cables on-site. There is also no need for additional programming for integration to be completed.
  • System-wide security protection to protect assets: Delta’s ESS features a comprehensive security protection design, ranging from cells, modules, and batteries to the entire system. The battery management system (BMS) monitors the voltage and operating status of each battery cell and module, balance battery usage, and improves the overall system reliability and life cycle.
  • Digital service ensures system availability: With built-in DeltaGrid energy management system, which can be bridged to Delta’s O&M service, the skid-mounted ESS can be managed remotely for troubleshooting, thus ensuring long-term operation for owners while reducing the maintenance burden.

Delta's skid-mounted ESS solution includes a lithium-ion battery solution with 100–200kW output and 1.5–8 hours of backup time. It can be configured to specific needs and is scalable for future expansion. At present, Delta has obtained IEC 62619, UL 9540A certification and plans to deliver shipments globally from the first quarter of 2023.

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