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Altitude Water and New Use Energy Solutions join for sustainable electricity and clean drinking water generation systems

1st February 2024
Kristian McCann

Altitude Water and New Use Energy Solutions have recently announced their partnership. This collaboration aims to deliver integrated systems capable of generating sustainable electricity and clean drinking water, accessible anywhere at any time.

Jeffrey Szur, COO of Altitude Water, commented: "Since we started in the water industry 14 years ago, Altitude's aim has been to harness solar power for a quiet, clean, low carbon emissions solution, addressing the increasing demand for clean water in disaster-affected or remote communities."

Both companies have a substantial history of supporting community resilience projects. Their efforts span across the US Gulf Coast, Sub-Saharan Africa, and post-wildfire Maui in disaster response and remote development scenarios.

The partnership originated from a connection with during Altitude Water's visit to Maui in the autumn of 2023. They constructed a Disaster Relief Trailer for Noah's Arc Foundation.

Will Heegaard, Operations Director of Footprint Project, said: "In October 2023, while seeking sustainable answers to Louisiana's saltwater intrusion disaster, we discovered Altitude Water. Our paths converged again in Maui as we sought cost-effective, sustainable infrastructure solutions for climate disasters. Forming private-public partnerships is crucial for greener rebuilding. Thus, uniting two innovative technology companies was a logical step."

Altitude's Atmospheric Water Generators and NUE's flexible solar and battery solutions enable customers to have resilient and sustainable water and power sources, independent of traditional power grids or gas generators. Both companies serve in remote areas, providing power and water for disaster relief, military and government operations, live events, and film and TV production.

Paul Shmotolokha, CEO of New Use Energy, expressed his enthusiasm: "Partnering with Altitude Water to merge renewable energy with water generation is thrilling. Advances in technology and lower material costs have diminished the need for gas generators. We've moved towards solar and battery-powered water production, accessible anytime and anywhere. Jeff's team has extensive experience with NGOs in post-disaster scenarios, and disaster response is ingrained in NUE's DNA, making this partnership highly compatible."

The team is also developing mobile disaster relief solutions for Maui, New Orleans, and South Florida. Szur added: "Fourteen years ago, we were pioneers, focused solely on creating the best Atmospheric Water Generator in the market. Today, as bottled water becomes the world's top-selling beverage and with our aquifers at risk of contamination, our solution is more relevant than ever. It addresses the environmental crisis of plastic waste proliferation and its impact on our ecosystem. This partnership has the potential to prevent such environmental catastrophes."

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