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Augmented reality creates efficient maintenance service

20th March 2020
Joe Bush

A partnership between Jamco America, an established commercial aircraft interior and services provider, Object Theory, an early pioneer in mixed reality, has created a new training tool for efficient maintenance services to support customer needs. The augmented reality (AR) technology developed through this partnership provides a much-needed advancement in product maintenance training for the aerospace industry.

Jamco America, a subsidiary of Jamco Corporation in Japan, was established in 1982 as a commercial aircraft interior products and services provider.

Jamco America has developed premium class seating for commercial aircrafts, providing forward facing business class seating, such as the Journey seats in 2015 and the new Venture reverse herring-bone business class seat in 2019. Alongside the Venture business class seat, Jamco America is introducing the latest AR technology to aerospace interior training and maintenance. Jamco understands that overall success goes beyond design and delivery.

Current product maintenance training – although effective – relies on video tutorials, face-to-face demonstrations, and written training guides with supporting component maintenance manuals. That’s why Jamco is investing in cutting-edge AR technology to develop more efficient maintenance services for its customers.

AR is the process of superimposing a 3D computer-generated image onto a user’s view of the real world. This provides a composite view that can easily guide a user through key maintenance tasks. This technology can be displayed through a variety of hardware, from handheld tablets to the latest Microsoft HoloLens headset.

Augmented reality creates efficient maintenance service

In 2018, Jamco America established a partnership with Object Theory, an early pioneer in mixed reality located in Portland, Oregon. Jamco America has stated its excitement about this collaboration, as it will provide a more seamless and repeatable product maintenance training service for their valued customers.

Jamco America’s vision is to ensure that the airlines’ operational efficiency is maximised. With the implementation of the HoloLens, trainee mechanics can work on their product hands-free, in real-time, and without the need to refer to a separate manual. This system audibly communicates step-by-step instructions to the user as computer-generated images create a guiding overlay on the product. At the same time, the user has complete control over the pace of their work by selecting when they are ready to proceed to the next step.

In addition, documents like the component maintenance manual will be easily accessible within the AR device. This combination of visual guidance and textual information provides a field ready, efficient, and comprehensive maintenance tool to solve problems as they arise.

Sometimes, aircraft interior products require additional troubleshooting as they travel to destinations across the globe. Jamco America’s AR system will provide the ability for mechanics in the field to access whatever assistance is required, no matter where in the world a problem arises.

AR instruction isn’t the end of Jamco America’s support. A drive for outstanding customer service, paired with this exceptional technology, will allow Jamco America Product Support representatives to communicate in real time with mechanics via remote assist. In those cases, both individuals will be able to see the same product and work together – through AR – to resolve the customer’s concern.

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