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30th March 2017
Tap your phone, not your wallet

In mass production, the Kionix ultra-low current MEMS Accelerometer KXTJ3-1057 from Willow Technologies operates with tiny current consumption down to 1.5uA at 0.781Hz Output Data Rate (ODR). Other modes available at higher ODR of 25Hz and 50Hz, offer the design engineer ultra-low 6uA & 10uA current consumption options, saving on product battery life, extending device usage between charges.

13th March 2017
Drive safely with magnetic arc blow out relay

  The design of the DG55M automotive general purpose magnetic arc blow out relay is exclusive to Durakool and switches up to 20A at 80VDC, operating at 40A continuous capacity (at 23°C). This mini ISO relay’s special terminal arrangement ensures HVDC safety while fitting standard ISO relay sockets such as Durakool’s DZ85AB-5-WH2.

8th March 2017
EV contactors capable of interrupting high voltage currents

The European distributor for LSIS, Willow Technologies, presents a detailed look at LSIS’ new range of GER series Electric Vehicle (EV) contactors, what they are, why we need them and how they are able to cope with EV motor controller demands in small to medium size vehicles of all types, easily fitting in to confined spaces, capable of interrupting high voltage DC currents repeatedly and interrupting high short circuit currents in an ...

13th January 2017
Willow Technologies, AEC sign relay leader

Willow Technologies) and sister company, American Electronic Components have announced their new North American and European Distribution agreement with LS Industrial Systems (LSIS). LSIS, an LS Company, is headquartered in Anyang, Korea with twelve branches globally. Founded in 1974 they are an innovative, leading industrial systems company, focussing on smart power transmission (green energy), power distribution and industrial automation. LSIS ...

22nd January 2015
Power resistors have an inductance of only 10nH

Featuring a compact non-inductive design, suitable for high frequency, fast speed pulse circuit applications, the XNP-20S series of TO-220 power resistors has been released by Willow Technologies. Offered as surface mount or through-hole mounting devices, the power resistors have a low profile of just 4.5mm, with an inductance of only 10nH.

8th January 2014
Geomagnetic sensor offers accurate absolute orientation

Suitable for applications requiring absolute heading or orientation data, including augmented reality and location tracking, Willow Technologies have introduced the RM3100 industrial grade geomagnetic sensor suite. Claimed to have the highest resolution and lowest-noise of any geomagnetic sensor in the market, it provides accurate measurement of signals of less than 10 nT (this is less than 0.1% of the Earth’s magnetic field).

11th February 2013
FL Vehicle AEC Q200 Thermistors – Sensing the Temperature

Willow Technologies Limited introduces GE’s innovative new ultra-thin FL series temperature sensors. The FL incorporates a miniature NTC thermistor chip into a low profile package to meet new demands from the Automotive and Electric Vehicle markets, where sustainable energy is fast becoming key.

5th November 2012
YAS532 – Ultra Miniature Tri-Axial Geomagnetic Sensor

Willow Technologies highly acclaims Yamaha’ latest sensational, tiny 1.5 x 1.5 x 0.65mm, Tri-axial Geomagnetic Sensor IC, for smartphones and tablet PCs. Yamaha continues to develop ever smaller sensors to exceed the demands of the smartphone and tablet PC market. The new YAS532 is 56% smaller than its predecessor, the YAS530.

5th November 2012
DG38L Leaves Industry Standard Relays Standing

Willow Technologies introduces this unique PCB Power Relay, the DG38L from Durakool. Featuring a magnetic arc blowout, enabling the relay to switch 50% higher DC voltage than other relays of its type. The DG38L is designed to switch in applications where the DC voltage exceeds 24VDC. As the relay opens it will pull an arc.

2nd November 2012
The Art of Adding Magnetic Sensors

Willow Technologies is delighted to announce that Becky Oh, CEO of PNI Sensor Corporation will be holding an Exhibitors’ Forum at electronica on Wednesday, 14th November 2012 speaking about Adding Magnetic Sensors to electronic devices; she will outline the problems that PNI has overcome to provide new complete solution products.

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