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8th July 2021
New charging controller for DC wallboxes launched

As an interface between the electric vehicle and the power electronics, vSECC.single controls the charging communication for the Combined Charging System (CCS) in accordance to ISO 15118-2 and DIN SPEC 70121. It also supports CHAdeMO specified by the Japanese Charging Consortium and, in the future, ChaoJi.

Test & Measurement
8th July 2021
Exact-fit diagnostic tester has remote functionality

With version 8 of the vehicle diagnostic tester Indigo, Vector allows users to individualise and optimise remote diagnostics.

10th June 2021
PREEvision 10.0 and its extended communication design

You can now perform communication design that is exclusively signal-driven, and combine AUTOSAR Adaptive and Classic in electrical/electronic (E/E) systems with even greater ease: Vector has provided new, powerful, and flexible design and engineering options in PREEvision 10.0 – regardless of the bus technologies, design strategies or development processes in use.

8th June 2021
CANoe4SW 15: now supporting Python

Vector has integrated basic functions into newly released version 15 of CANoe4SW: For Software-in-the-Loop testing in virtual environments, Python is now supported as a programming language. All users in the aerospace, automation, automotive, medical technology and railroad industries will benefit from this.

7th April 2021
BASELABS and Vector sign agreement for ADAS software

Vector has distributed the software BASELABS Create Embedded from the Chemnitz-based developer of sensor fusion internationally as part of its ADAS product portfolio. Both companies signed a cooperation agreement for this purpose in January 2021. The two software companies have already been collaborating since 2014 with the goal of creating a joint offering for the development of driver assistance systems and automated driving.

24th February 2021
Charging station controller for all DC charging functions

Intelligent charging stations made easy to develop: The new vSECC charging station controller from Vector is a charge control unit for the DC fast charging market, which performs all communication and control functions in the charging station. This future-proof solution enables developers and manufacturers of smart DC charging stations to control and monitor the charging process with just one device.

7th January 2021
Develop and test software with CANoe4SW

Vector has introduced the CANoe4SW – a tool for the development, test, and analysis of software in cyber physical systems. CANoe4SW supports software developers and testers in all markets throughout the entire development process of distributed systems and IoT devices.

5th January 2021
Vector Informatik expands board of directors

Vector Informatik has announced that it is expanding its executive board effective January 1st, 2021. Dr Stefan Krauß (51), who has been with the company for 19 years now, is joining the board of managing directors as its third member. With this step, Vector is taking account of the challenges of the company’s ongoing growth.

18th December 2020
CANoe 14 prepared for upcoming challenges

Vector has integrated essential features in the new CANoe 14 version that will be of benefit to more users in the future. These can be used to implement both classic signal-oriented communication and new design paradigms such as service-oriented communication. Furthermore, CANoe 14 is an ideal tool to test software-only systems in virtual environments. These properties address other markets beyond the automotive industry.

Test & Measurement
27th November 2020
High-voltage measurement

Vector now offers products and solutions for high-voltage measurements. The new e-mobility measurement system from Vector and CSM enables users to perform fast and time-synchronous multi-channel measurements in high-voltage cables and components.

Test & Measurement
20th October 2020
CANoe Test Package EV simplifies charging conformance

Vector has expanded its E-Mobility Testing Solution to include the new CANoe Test Package EV. This provides users with a toolchain for the automated conformance and interoperability testing of e-vehicles based on CANoe for the first time.

18th June 2020
PREEvision 9.5 brings high vehicle performance

Modern electric/electronic systems combine the computing power needed for data-rich applications with the flexibility to improve and evolve during life time by updates and upgrades. PREEvision 9.5 helps to develop such future-proof E/E systems based on high-performance computers and the AUTOSAR Adaptive platform.

Component Management
21st May 2020
VN5620 network interface for automotive Ethernet

Vector has presented the VN5620 as a compact interface for analysis, simulation, and testing tasks for automotive Ethernet networks and CAN/CAN FD. 

12th June 2019
Making automotive Ethernet conformance tests easy with CANoe

Ethernet conformance of automotive ECUs is now easier and more efficient for developers and system integrators. The current Version 12.0 of CANoe, the development and test tool from Vector, now supports conformance tests defined by Technical Committee 8 (TC8) of the OPEN Alliance. The tests are implemented so that their execution is primarily automated; this enables ideal integration into the development process.

28th May 2019
Platform meets the demands of current automotive trends

Vector simplifies the introduction of AUTOSAR Adaptive: The model-based E/E development environment PREEvision comprehensively supports users in expanding existing software and hardware architectures with the capabilities of the AUTOSAR Adaptive Platform. AUTOSAR Adaptive expands the AUTOSAR platform to meet the demands of current automotive trends like autonomous driving, electrification and connectivity.

7th February 2019
Vector takes over Munich-based TESIS

Specialist for developing and testing software and vehicle electronics, Vector, has completed a full takeover of Munich-based TESIS. TESIS specialises in simulation solutions for virtual road testing, in particular, real time-capable engine and vehicle models. Vector has a ranging product portfolio for conducting tests on the system, function and code levels of distributed embedded systems.

Test & Measurement
22nd November 2018
Software tool speeds development of AUTOSAR-4 projects

vVIRTUALtarget is a tool for virtual testing of AUTOSAR ECUs from Vector. It enables faster software development implementations in typical AUTOSAR-4 projects. The virtualised environment makes it possible to test the ECU software throughout the development process. Users benefit from rapid test execution that can be even faster than in real time.

4th September 2018
Make the switch to service-oriented E/E architectures

The PREEvision 9.0, the next release of the software tool for developing distributed systems in the automotive industry and related areas, has been introduced by Vector. The model-based development environment is fully equipped for AUTOSAR Adaptive and offers extended SysML and UML functions to model service-oriented architectures.

Test & Measurement
23rd August 2018
Reproducible disturbances of CAN (FD) networks

For the precise and reproducible disturbance of CAN (FD) networks, Vector has offered the hardware VH6501. The compact device is additionally a network interface for CANoe. This combination of disturbance functionality and interface enables test setups for conformance testing with very little effort.

Test & Measurement
13th February 2018
Simplifying the measurement of ECUs and ADAS sensors

In the new version of its CANape measurement and calibration tool, Vector integrates many new functions. In this way, calibration engineers can simplify their work and interactions with their ECUs. The storage of configuration files in containers accelerates important project transfer operations. Improvements have also been made in the field of ADAS development, in particular for the visualisation of LIDAR sensor data.

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