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9th September 2018
Nano-molecule storage could charge EVs in seconds

  An energy storage system proposed by chemists from the University of Glasgow, could reduce the charging time of EVs from hours to seconds.

30th April 2018
Water on wheels – delivering aid to rural communities

One of the most demanding challenges for those living in the developing world, particularly those living in rural locations, is getting regular access to clean drinking water.

20th February 2018
Origami diagnostic tests to aid disease elimination

Infectious diseases bring disproportionate amounts of illness and disability to the poorest and most vulnerable communities in the world. They infect many millions of people but they affect many millions more, with families and communities caught in a cycle of disease and poverty, leading to reduced economic development. Communities within Sub-Saharan Africa carry much of this burden.

3rd November 2017
Pushing the research frontiers of electronic skin technology

An EU initiative brought together researchers to advance the novel, multidisciplinary field of flexible and large-area electronics and sensing. The EU-funded CONTEST (Collaborative network for training in electronic skin technology) project supported a pool of young researchers in the design, fabrication, characterisation and use of flexible and multifunctional electronic systems, particularly electronic or smart skin (e-skin).

23rd March 2017
'Synthetic skin' could lead to advanced prosthetic limbs

Engineers from the University of Glasgow, who have previously developed an 'electronic skin' covering for prosthetic hands made from graphene, have found a way to use some of graphene's remarkable physical properties to use energy from the sun to power the skin. Graphene is a highly flexible form of graphite which, despite being just a single atom thick, is stronger than steel, electrically conductive, and transparent.

21st February 2017
Collaborative project takcles sustainable energy challenge in China

A successful funding bid has been led jointly between Sunamp and Glasgow University and partners in China to boost the performance of Organic Rankine Cycle (ORC) power plants that use clean, although intermittent, renewable heat sources for distributed heat and power supply in China.

29th November 2016
Digital sensor pen detects Parkinson's disease

Parkinson's disease (PD) is a chronic, as yet incurable neuro-degenerative disease. Early diagnosis is a matter of increasing urgency, particularly in the ageing European population as prompt detection improves patient outcomes. PD predominantly affects people over the age of 60 with an incidence of 5 out of 1000 people. Early onset of PD is characterised by movement disorders such as tremors, rigidity and slow movement that is later followe...

31st March 2016
MEMS technology is adapted into gravity detector

Scientists have found a way to adapt a system often found in smartphones to create a super-sensitive detector capable of measuring minute changes in gravity. In a paper published in Nature, researchers from the University of Glasgow describe how they have adapted cheap, widely-available technology to make a small but powerful gravimeter for the first time. Affordable, portable gravimeters could have a wide range of applications, including volcano...

11th March 2016
The path to cheaper solar power and medical devices

New research could pave the way for mass production of new forms of nanotech devices for use in the renewables and medical sectors. In a new paper published in the journal Nature Communications, researchers from the Universities of Glasgow, Ohio and Massachusetts discuss how they have been able for the first time to limit chemical reactions to specific areas of nanostructures they create.

26th November 2015
Are we heading for a quantum leap in communications?

Researchers from the Universities of Glasgow, Stanford, Tokyo and Würzburg are researching a new telecommunications technique which can harnesses quantum technology, potentially leading to a much more secure form of worldwide internet communications.

10th August 2015
Making robots more autonomous

  Scientists at the University of Glasgow have joined forces with British and American colleagues in a project that may ultimately help robots become more autonomous through recognising and understanding everyday scenes.

26th November 2014
Government announces investment in quantum technologies

A consortium of universities and businesses is set to bring innovative quantum technologies to market soon. The futuristic technologies include cameras which use just a single pixel to see through smoke, imaging systems which can time light to see around corners and miniature structures to create earthquake warning systems.

20th November 2014
Polyoxometalates could solve flash memory conundrum

Flash memory is a popular form of electronic data storage commonly used in devices such as smartphones, cameras and memory sticks. However, there is a physical limit to the minimum size of the current design of data cells, which currently use metal-oxide-semiconductor components.

25th July 2014
University of Glasgow spinout signs licensing deal

A University of Glasgow spinout company, which has developed technology to address the increasing challenges of silicon chip development, has signed a multimillion dollar deal with a major semiconductor foundry. Gold Standard Simulations (GSS) has announced a multi-million dollar contract to license its TCAD/EDA tool suite to GLOBALFOUNDRIES.

21st April 2009
Scientists at the University of Glasgow develop the World’s smallest diamond transistor

At just 50 nanometres in length the ‘gate’ of the diamond transistor developed by Dr David Moran, of the Department of Electronics & Electrical Engineering, is more than 1000 times smaller than the thickness of a human hair, and is half the size of the previous smallest diamond transistor developed by Japanese firm NTT.

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