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16th September 2020
Universal Robots launches SME Automation month

Universal Robots (UR) has announced October as SME Automation month. The whole month will be dedicated to helping small and mid-size enterprises (SMEs) take advantage of collaborative robots (cobots) to get their businesses back on track, with new resources, leasing options and expert consultations made available to help users bounce back from the challenges of COVID-19.

30th July 2020
Using cobots to bring benefits to the electronics industry

From the long-standing global labour shortage to the unexpected challenges COVID-19 has presented, automation has never been more relevant to the electronics industry.

20th July 2020
Universal Robots launches new expert webinars

Universal Robots is launching a brand-new series of expert webinars running from August to December, providing specialist knowledge on ways automation is meeting production challenges across a diverse range of sectors.

3rd July 2020
Bolstering COVID-19 testing with Cobots

As nationwide lockdown measures begin to ease, we are still seeing virus hotspots emerging in places such as Leicester, shifting the focus to local lockdowns. Whilst the global search for a vaccine continues, a robust testing apparatus remains the most effective measure against spreading COVID-19. Here, Mark Gray, Sales Manager UK&I, Universal Robots explains the role of cobots.

23rd June 2020
Cobots vs. COVID-19

Cobots are emerging as a tremendous force for good in the global battle against COVID-19. We take a look at disinfection and test kit solutions along with some less easily categorised (but just as exciting) solutions made possible by Universal Robots, as we look at the battle of Cobots vs. COVID-19.

29th May 2020
Universal Robots launches virtual cobot conference

With Europe’s trade fair scene being turned upside down, Universal Robots (UR) is breaking new grounds with its virtual cobot conference. From 16th-18th June, from 10am to 4pm CET all three days, the Danish cobot pioneer will host 'WeAreCOBOTS - the World's Largest Virtual Collaborative Robot Expo'.

26th March 2020
Improved quality control in automotive manufacturing

Universal Robots (UR) has announced that GÖPEL electronic has developed an automated quality control system for automotive manufacturing using its UR10e cobot. According to Thomas Schöppe, Senior Team Manager at GÖPEL electronic, the cobot replaces the company’s manual and cumbersome end of line seating test system.

16th March 2020
Universal Robots strengthens UK presence

Universal Robots is today announcing a new partnership with Dundee-based distributor, SP Automation & Robotics. This is Universal Robots’ first partnership with a Scottish distributor and represents a clear commitment to further strengthening its UK presence. 

16th January 2020
New cobot financial services leasing programme launched

  Universal Robots has launched its new cobot leasing programme in collaboration with DLL, a global vendor finance company. The new partnership enables all manufacturers, regardless of size or capital equipment budgets, to reap the benefits of automation without worrying about cash flow and seasonal fluctuations.

8th January 2020
Zero accidents achieved with collaborative robots

Universal Robots (UR) has announced that the Denmark division of Carlsberg has significantly improved staff safety and taken steps towards achieving zero accidents since integrating cobots into its Fredericia-based factory. According to Thomas Kern Ruby, Senior Project Manager at Carlsberg Fredericia, previous to installing the cobots, incidents were a common occurrence on the factory floor. 

22nd July 2019
Tour demonstrates benefits of cobot automation across the UK

Universal Robots has announced the successful completion of its six-month cobot automation tour. The events have introduced the power of robotics and automation to a new generation of UK manufacturers, demonstrating the potential to address current challenges around labour shortages and production efficiency. 

11th January 2019
SMB Pressings uses Universal Robots Cobot in welding system

  Presswork manufacturer, SMB Pressings has increased its working capacity with investment in a new Universal Robot Welding System from Olympus Technologies, based in Huddersfield, UK.

21st June 2018
Next generation robot series released at automatica 2018

  At this year's automatica in Munich, Germany, Universal robots launched a new flagship e-Series collaborative robots. The e-Series includes technology advances that enables faster development for a wider variety of applications, offers easier programming than ever, and meet the very latest ISO safety standards.

18th April 2018
Schooling the young: robots on the curriculum

  To introduce their students to the world of automation, technical school of Jutland invested in a lightweight robot arm from Universal Robots. With its high level of flexibility and user-friendliness, the robot was easily integrated in the education.

16th April 2018
Going for gold: Universal Robots gold edition cobot giveaway

To celebrate the sale of 25,000 cobots worldwide, Universal Robots is giving away its first and only Gold Edition cobot, shipped free of cost, to the lucky customer who orders the 25,000th cobot. With its joints painted in a rich, gold-coloured finish, this Gold Edition cobot is a refreshing take on Universal Robots’s iconic blue and grey cobots and will be available in the UR3, UR5 or UR10 model.

2nd February 2018
Automation: a guide to common applications

In its latest white paper, An Introduction to Common Collaborative Robot (cobot) Applications, Universal Robots provides an overview of how the technology can be easily integrated into common industrial applications to improve manufacturing processes. The six featured in this publication are pick and place; machine tending; packaging and palletizing; processing tasks - gluing, dispensing or welding; finishing tasks – polishing, grindin...

2nd May 2017
Training academy turns robots into cobots

Students are being given the opportunity to learn about robotics first hand thanks to a recently launched academy from Universal Robots. Within interactive learning environments, students are introduced to automation and industrial applications, helping them to master robot programming in minutes.

7th February 2017
Product testing getting you down? There's a cobot for that

How do you make sure that a product can handle the wear and tear of an expected life cycle and that all safety and quality standards are met? You test it. Over and over again. Nothing is more repetitive than product testing – lending itself to one of the “3D jobs” that robots excel at: dirty, dangerous…and dull. Increasingly, collaborative robots – or cobots - are now being used for product testing. 

21st December 2016
Robotic life without limits

Back in October, Jürgen von Hollen joined Universal Robots as its new President. After almost two months he has drawn up an initial summary of his time in charge so far. Here von Hollen shares some insights on his personal impressions, his vision and the Universal Robots strategy.

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4th October 2016
Teradyne Inc. announces universal robots president

  Universal Robots A/S (UR), a Teradyne company and the global leader in the collaborative robot market, named Jürgen von Hollen President effective immediately. He succeeds Enrico Krog Iversen who relinquished the post in June 2016 to pursue other interests.

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