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Test & Measurement
8th January 2019
Contactor combines advanced test features at high temperatures

cDragon from Cohu combines advanced test features at temperatures from -55 °C to +155 °C with best RF capabilities and an innovative pin design for highest test yield and low cost of ownership. The closed-loop Intelligent Contactor Option controls the required conditions for the device under test (DUT).

Test & Measurement
28th May 2018
OTA solution tests 60GHz antenna-in-package chip

A production interface solution that enables OTA testing of a 60GHz UltraGig single-chip integrated Antenna in Package (AiP) has been delivered to a customer by Multitest. The solution integrates the xWave OTA Contactor with xWave patch antenna in the MT2168XT leadbacker.

Test & Measurement
14th May 2018
Ground fault option enhances pick-and-place handler

A ground fault monitoring option has been added to the Multitest MT2168 pick-and-place handler. The ground fault monitoring option is part of a feature set that will enhance the value of the production output at the customer site. Ground fault monitoring is an important feature for meeting advanced quality standards.

Test & Measurement
28th March 2018
Kelvin contactor gets thumbs-up from IDM

A major Integrated Device Manufacturer (IDM) has selected Multitest’s ecoAmp Kelvin Contactor as its strategic test interface product for existing and future high power test applications at high volume production. The decision follows an in-depth evaluation phase.

Test & Measurement
14th March 2018
est module boosts accuracy, enhances output

The next generation of its 6DOF gyro test module for singulated packages has been released by Multitest. It provides significant production benefits resulting in even lower cost of test, enhanced test accuracy and higher daily output. The module has been optimised for operational cost, uptime and stimulus clearness and accuracy.

Test & Measurement
6th March 2018
Contactors test wafer level chip scale packages

By adding the Gemini Kelvin 050 for 0.5mm pitch contacting Multitest continues to address the expanding requirements of its customers for reliable interface solutions for testing packages with continuously shrinking dies, which are needed for smaller, lower current, and faster end-user devices.

Test & Measurement
3rd November 2017
mmWave contactor proves worth in chipset application

The mmWave contactor from Multitest is a proven broadband production solution for RF applications up to 100GHz. In a presentation by Jeffrey Finder, Senior Product and Test Engineering Manager at NXP, named “Building a Test Ecosystem for High Volume Manufacturing of 76-81GHz Semiconductor Radar Sensors” the repeatable and stable performance of Multitest’s mmWave contactor was highlighted for an Automotive Radar Sensor Chipset ap...

Test & Measurement
8th August 2017
Cantilever design contactor delivers enhanced MCU testing

The recently launched MiCon contactor from Multitest leverages the industry-proven Cantilever technology for the final test of Microcontrollers, Industrial DSPsand Application Specific ICs. Evaluations at customer test floors showed substantial improvements in first pass yield, life span and cleaning cycles compared to spring pin solutions.

Test & Measurement
31st July 2017
Contactor demonstrates electrical and mechanical performance

Multitest’s new 0.3mm pitch Atlas contactor successfully passed a demanding customer production floor evaluation. The customer’s evaluation measures confirmed that the Atlas did reduce the customer’s cost of test while improving test yield and increasing throughput. Based on the evaluation results, the customer ordered a significant number of Atlas 030 contactors to support their new product WLCSP (Wafer Level Chip Sca...

Test & Measurement
13th July 2017
Soak booster option cuts cost of test

An enhanced Soak Booster option has been added to Multitest’s MT9928 tri-temp handler. It cuts down the soak time by up to 50%. With this development Multitest is responding to the market need for temperature testing of large devices where soak time closely correlates with throughput, and as a result, impacts the cost of test.

Test & Measurement
11th May 2017
Sensor test solution passed for automotive applications

Having successfully passed all correlation tests on a customer test floor Multitest’s new InPressure HD system has been released to production testing sensors for an automotive application. Multitest InPressure HD brings the field-proven InPressure solution for absolute pressure test to the next level of parallel testing with up to 1440 signal lines.

Test & Measurement
19th April 2017
Active socket purge enhances pick and place handler

An optional active socket purge (ASP)has been added to the Multitest MT9510 pick-and-place handler. The ASP is another feature to support the excellent temperature performance of the well-established MT9510 test handler. By applying thermal controlled air flow to the pins the ASP keeps the temperature contact pin in the socket at the set test temperature.

Component Management
15th January 2017
Four opt for new pick and place handler

Multitest says it has received multiple orders for the MT2168 XT  tri-temp pick and place handler.  No less than four global IDMs have chosen the MT2168 XT for their volume production.

Test & Measurement
20th December 2016
Test module provides twin axis stimulation

A new “Shaker” high g sensor test module has been developed by Multitest for the MT9928 platform. The module allows for twin axis testing in one stimulation on the x and z axis. It expands the MEMS/sensor test portfolio for the flexible and modular MT9928 handler platform, which already includes multiple solutions for test and calibration of inertial MEMS/sensors.

Test & Measurement
5th November 2016
Handlers can now test devices smaller than 3x3mm

Multitest has expanded the package range to devices smaller than 3 x 3 mm for its pick and place handler platforms - the MT9510 and MT2168. As a result, the company says the MT9510 and MT12168 exceed the typical ranges of competitive pick and place systems.

1st August 2016
Fingerprint test sensor kit handed Chinese order

Multitest’s InStrip has been selected to be the platform of a set up for high parallel testing of fingerprint sensors in China. The solution relies on Multitest’s established and production proven InStrip / InCarrier, which is extended to fingerprint testing by a dedicated conversion kit (CK).

Component Management
12th July 2016
Multitest ships first MT2168 XT pick and place handler

Multitest has shipped the first MT2168 XT tri-temp pick and place handler to a major IDM. It combines the architecture of the MT2168 ambient/hot handler with the level of temperature test performance for which Multitest is well known.

Test & Measurement
20th June 2016
Conversion kit meets SOT23 packages test challenge

A high volume test handling solution for SOT23 packages has been introduced by Multitest. The innovative conversion kit design allows for tri-temp testing of SOT23 packages on the production proven MT9928 gravity handler. Traditionally, these packages were handled on turret handlers, but these types of handlers do not support temperature testing.

1st July 2013
Multitest to Discuss Solutions for Mobility during Annual Open House Week

Multitest announced that it will hold its annual Open House Week July 9-11, 2013. Daily tours of the Multitest Santa Clara, CA facility, located at 3021 Kenneth Street, will be held at 10 a.m. and 2 p.m. The tours will include live demos of fully installed handling equipment, a factory tour of Multitest’s board fabrication, as well as expert discussions about the company’s innovative test solutions to fully support the opportunities of mobi...

3rd June 2013
Signal Integrity Engineer at Multitest to Present PCB Material Analysis at IEEE Semiconductor Workshop in San Diego

Multitest announces that Jason Mroczkowski, Signal Integrity Engineer, will present at the upcoming The IEEE Semiconductor Wafer Test Workshop in San Diego, CA. The presentation entitled, “High Frequency PCB Material Analysis,” is scheduled to take place Wednesday, June 12, 2013 from 10:30-11 a.m.

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