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29th November 2021
GTK offers mirror technology for TFT displays

GTK is now offering mirror technology to coat over the TFT Display screen, giving the appereance of a mirror.

5th October 2021
Extended temperature range thin-film transistors

GTK has added 4 new TFT displays with extended operating temperature ranges to its already comprehensive portfolio of display solutions.

12th July 2021
GTK expands it range of integrated display solutions

GTK has added two new display screen sizes to its Integrated Display Solutions range. The 5” and 10.1” complement the 7” display that is already available. These Integrated Display Solutions come with their own HDMI boards, making them ready to go out of the box, with no additional set up requirements. These displays use IPS technology with high contrast and 85° viewing angles in all directions, and feature a 16.7 million co...

4th June 2021
3.5” HVGA TFT with integrated graphics display range

GTK announced the addition of a 3.5” HVGA TFT with an integrated graphics controller on the FPC, enabling users to interface directly with the display eliminating the need for any additional graphics components on their PCB.

25th November 2020
New touchless UI solution for safe and hygienic touchscreens

GTK has launched a new touchless UI solution that means OEMs can design an interface that does not need direct physical contact by the end user.

25th October 2019
Fine pitch connectors added to wire to board range

  GTK has expanded its range of fine pitch wire to board connectors with new options for discrete wire applications. The new 1.2mm pitch ultra low profile wire to board connector has a mated height of 1.55mm, making it suitable for applications where space is limited; it is also polarised to prevent mismating.

2nd October 2019
Volex Power Cords combine versatility and ergonomic design

GTK has added the latest generation of Volex power cords, the V-Novus Hybrids, to its product portfolio, with a range that includes cord sets for UK, Europe, North America and China. The V-Novus Hybrid power cords combine ergonomic design with versatility to create slimline, lightweight cord sets that are extremely durable and incorporate a new strain relief design. 

29th March 2019
Making the right connection

Board-to-board connectors are regarded as ‘core’ connectors in electronic product design, but standard off-the-shelf components are not always right for the application. Frequently, requests for customisaton assume that the easiest way to find the perfect fit is to alter a pin header, with special heights, PCB spacing or void pins. However it is often the PCB receptacle which presents the best opportunity for modification.

28th January 2019
Display range expanded with E-Paper technology

E-Paper technology provides a low-cost, flexible display with wide viewing angles and good sunlight readability. It retains the image on the screen without using power, making it suited for a wide range of consumer electronic applications. The GTK range is available in three sizes: 1.54, 2.13 and 2.9” graphic modules. These modules show black text or images on a white background and have an operating temperature range of zero to +50° C.

4th July 2018
Taking a holistic view of cable assemblies

When OEMs outsource cable assemblies, they are generally very specific about what they require, but further investigation on the part of the cable assembly manufacturer can uncover different opportunities, often saving time and cost in the process.

12th March 2018
PMVA display tech: the ultimate performance and customisation

PMVA (Passive Matrix Vertical Alignment) display technology offers exceptional performance, simple interface options and low tooling costs according to Clive Dickinson, Business Manager for Optoelectronics at GTK UK. TFTs are regarded as the leading display technology but are generally high cost and complex to programme which can extend the product development stage and ultimately the time to market for the finished product.

1st June 2017
Cover lenses provide extra protection for TFT displays

GTK has recommended the use of thick cover lenses to add extra protection to capacitive touch TFT displays that are being used in harsh environments. These cover lenses can be supplied in thicknesses ranging between 1.1mm through to 8mm and can be added to TFT screen sizes ranging from 2.4” to 15”. In cases where the cover lens glass exceeds 4mm thickness, an industrial capacitive IC controller is required.

3rd May 2017
Gaskets offer great protection for cable assemblies

Tom Hennessey, Business Manager for cable assemblies at GTK UK, strongly believes the benefit of integrating silicon gaskets into connector and cable assembly designs that are being used in harsh environments should not be underestimated. As, when designing cable assemblies for use in harsh environments where dust, particle or moisture ingress is a concern, many engineers place a great deal of focus on the specification of the connector, the...

24th April 2017
Displays are suitable for tough environments

A capacitive touchscreen technology has been developed by GTK that, when applied to TFT displays, can be used with thick gloves for applications in harsh environments. The company has offered a range of TFT modules with integral capacitive touchscreens for use in industrial applications for the last three years. Now, with the evolution of the technology, it is possible to fine tune the software so that the displays can be used even when wear...

16th March 2017
GTK gains Cyber Essentials certification

  Confirming GTK’s commitment to data security and protection, the organisation has been awarded the Cyber Essentials certificate in line with the Government-sponsored scheme to help UK businesses protect themselves against cyber-attacks.

16th December 2016
GTK enhances its flexible connectivity solutions

GTK has enhanced its flexible connectivity solutions to include Flat Flexible Cables (FFC). These cables are primarily used to connect two PCBs and are versatile, cost-effective and take up minimum space in OEM equipment. Each end of the flat flexible cable typically has gold plated contacts, which insert directly into an FFC/ ZIF connector that is located on the PCB. This eliminates the need for an additional “cable end” connect...

22nd November 2016
GTK launches German language website

To support their growing business in Germany, GTK has launched a new German language website. This new, mobile-friendly website provides comprehensive details on the cable assemblies, connectors, optoelectronics and manufacturing solutions that the company provides.

8th August 2016
Custom box build products enable greater choice

When it comes to custom box build products, an abundance of choices are offered from GTK. The company advocates early involvement with OEMs so that it can help to review a variety of design options and components and help to minimise the overall BOM cost without compromising the quality and design of the finished product.

29th June 2016
Displays use bi-stable technology

  New technology that enables an image to remain on the display screen without using any power, until the image needs to change has been released by GTK.

3rd May 2016
Connectors give extended performance

The GTK range of K series subminiature (2.92 mm) connectors and cable assemblies are suitable for use in high-frequency applications that are typical in military, security and instrumentation markets. The K series connector is identical to and fully compatible with the SMA connector series by virtue of the same physical dimensions, but it uses an air dielectric, which ensures superior performance at high frequencies.

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