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7th June 2016
CDU highlights key Generic Vehicle Architecture display features

Specialist display supplier Ginsbury and IEE Inc will be exhibiting at the Eurosatory defence and security exhibition in Paris, France on June 13th-17th. In addition to an array of smart and flat panel displays, Ginsbury will be featuring the new IEE 12.1-inch ground vehicle display. IEE have designed the smart-touch display, referred to as a Control & Display Unit (CDU) with the next generation of ground vehicle architectures in mind.

6th June 2016
Smart-touch display showcased at Paris exhibition

Specialist display supplier Ginsbury and IEE, a manufacturer of enhanced displays for military applications, will be exhibiting at the Eurosatory defence and security exhibition in Paris (June 13-17). In addition to an array of smart and flat panel displays, Ginsbury will be featuring the new IEE 12.1-inch ground vehicle display.

12th November 2015
Harsh environments won't faze TFT display modules

Two small-format TFT display modules from Japanese display manufacturer Kyocera have been introduced by Ginsbury. The 4.2in and a 5.0in display module expands the range of TFT display modules available from Kyocera. The design of the new display modules is based on automotive specification requirements and boasts an extended operating temperature range of -30°C to +85°C and a storage temperature range of -40°C to 85°C.

22nd July 2015
Backlight lifetime extended on TFT LCD modules

The LED backlight lifetime in twenty-six of its TFT LCD modules has been increased by Kyocera. The Japanese display manufacturer will increase the backlight lifetime to 100,000 hours across a range of displays to provide greater usability and improved reliability. The long-life backlight portfolio includes display modules from Kyocera's range of Advanced Wide View (AWV) displays, Super High Brightness (SHB) panels and a number of popular standard...

2nd June 2015
Genie escapes to promise flexibility and ease of use

A new, PC compatible, embedded computing platform has been launched by Ginsbury. The Ginsbury Genie is a low power system, complete with a fully integrated TFT display that offers flexibility, ease of use and PC compatibility combined with robustness and longevity for many industrial and embedded applications.  

11th March 2015
TFT LCD displays feature XGA

Ginsbury has introduced two new high-brightness Kyocera TFT LCD displays. The 10.4-inch TCG104XGLP and 12.1-inch TCG121XGLP both feature XGA (1024 x 768 pixels) resolution and Kyocera's Advanced Wide View (AWV) technology which enables display images to be easily seen from 85-degree viewing angles in all directions (left, right, up and down).  

28th January 2015
Blaze deal stokes Ginsbury display range

Display specialist Ginsbury has completed a new distribution agreement with LCD manufacturer Blaze Display Technology. Blaze specialise in the design, manufacture and supply of segment, character and graphic LCD display modules. Ginsbury will promote and distribute the full range of Blaze display products in the United Kingdom and Ireland.

9th December 2014
TFT LCD display deal covers UK/Ireland

Ginsbury has signed a distribution agreement with Shenzhen-based LCD manufacturer Kingtech. It will market Kingtech’s small to medium size TFT LCD displays from 1.44in up to 10.2in in the UK and Ireland.  Kingtech has become an established supplier of small to medium size TFT LCDs. It can also provide integrated 'off the shelf' or custom display solutions to include TFT display modules, capacitive or resistive touch panels, display dri...

19th November 2014
TFT display features on-cell projected capacitative touch panel

Kyocera’s 7.0in TFT display is the first to feature an On-cell projected capacitive touch panel. The TCG070WVLR*PC*-GD*118 is available from Ginsbury . The touch panel cover glass, touch sensor and controller are fully integrated into the display module to yield a thin, lightweight LCD panel which provides superior light transmission and improved optical performance.

23rd October 2014
Ginsbury, Toradex tie up partnership agreement

A partnership agreement has been signed between displays specialist Ginsbury and Toradex, a Swiss based embedded computing solutions supplier, to support and supply Toradex's extensive range of embedded computer modules. Toradex also offers a range of customised SBCs with different performance levels, integrated features and price points.

16th September 2014
Frame grabbers boast high speed PCIe interface

A dual-channel frame grabber from Finland based video and test equipment manufacturer, Unigraf is available from display specialist Ginsbury. The UFG-07 HS Dual features a 4-channel PCI Express bus interface and is aimed at users who need to capture two simultaneous, high resolution video streams from varying sources.

22nd July 2014
Display controller supports resolutions up to 2560x1600

A full-featured control solution designed for professional display systems has been introduced by Ginsbury. The SVX-2560 LCD controller from Digital View is designed to drive LCD panels up to 2560 × 1600 and will also drive large OLED panels. Dual digital display interface outputs, 4-channel LVDS and Embedded DisplayPort (eDP1.2), are featured.

12th June 2014
Display universal demo kit is based on Raspberry Pi

Display specialist distributor Ginsbury has introduced Kyocera's new Raspberry Pi based Universal Demo Kit (VIP Kit). Simple to use and easy to operate, the VIP Kit connects to a Raspberry Pi and processes the HDMI output, enabling images and graphics to be displayed on any of Kyocera's currently available TFT display panels.

30th March 2014
7-in TFT display module widens viewing angle

Ginsbury has introduced Kyocera’s Advanced Wide View TFT display module. It achieves a viewing angle of greater than 170° (horizontal and vertical) and ensures that the colour fidelity of the display image is accurately represented when viewed from any direction. Featuring a contrast ratio of 750:1 and the latest high-efficiency, long-life LED backlight, the 7in module has a brightness level of 1000cd/m² which provides an ideal sol...

9th December 2013
Dual DVI interface controller for industrial LCD monitors

Ginsbury has announced the addition of the Digital View DD-1920-Dual-DVI interface controller to its portfolio. Capable of supporting LVDS LCD panels up to 1920 x 1200 resolution, the DD-1920-Dual-DVI has been designed and developed for industrial LCD monitor applications and high reliability display systems.

9th December 2013
Display interface controller provides up to 16.7 million colours

Ginsbury has introduced the Digital View DD-1920-Dual-DVI interface controller. Designed and developed for industrial LCD monitor applications and high reliability display systems, the controller supports LVDS LCD panels up to 1920 x 1200 resolution. The board provides two DVI inputs with OSD or RS-232 serial selection control to drive LVDS LCD panels up to 1920 x 1200 resolution.    

15th November 2013
18.5in. PCAP touch panel allows up to 16 simultaneous touches

Ginsbury has added an 18.5in. projected capacitive (PCAP) touch panel from Ocular. The new touch panel is part of Ocular's Crystal Touch: TRUE Multi-Touch PLUS standard product line. The panels provide a true multi-touch interface with a pre-integrated, optically bonded, soda-lime cover glass with a decorative black border. 

14th October 2013
Ginsbury unveils open frame LCD monitor range

Ginsbury has introduced a new range of open frame and chassis LCD monitors. The monitors have been designed for simple and easy system integration, negating the need to source individual display and peripheral components. They are mounted on durable metal frames incorporating the LCD panel, an analogue to digital interface board, a backlight driver and any associated cables and connectors.

25th June 2013
ERG Smart Force provides optimum performance for LED backlights

Display specialist, Ginsbury has announced the availability of a family of LED backlight driver solutions from ERG (Endicott Research Group) the LCD power solutions provider. The new ERG Smart Force LED solutions are designed to provide high efficiency and cost effective control of LED backlight units used in LCD display panels.

21st May 2013
Ginsbury introduce Kyocera Super Wide View (SWV) TFTs

Ginsbury has announced the introduction of a new family of Kyocera TFT LCD displays featuring Kyocera’s innovative Super Wide View (SWV) technology. Developed to provide superior image quality and wide viewing angles, Super Wide View achieves a viewing angle of greater than 170° and ensures that the colour fidelity of the display image is accurately represented when viewed from any direction.

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