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Spectra7 And Monster Introduce Industry's First ULTRA HD+ Cable Products

Spectra7 Microsystems announce a new family of Signal Processing Chips that deliver next generation UltraHD content over Monster’s new ISF HDMI Cables. UltraHD is a new 4K High Definition display standard that provides 4 times the display resolution and an immersive consumer experience. By performing complex signal processing and performance analysis Spectra7’s Mira chip eliminates impairments that typically limit resolution, frame rate and colour depth in HD displays.
4th March 2013

Vivanco Use RedMere Technology For Premium Active High Speed HDMI Cables

RedMere has announced that Vivanco has launched the latest generation of a premium HDMI cable brand SOUND & IMAGE using RedMere’s Smart Cable technology. This new line of High Speed HDMI cables is called SOUND & IMAGE Ultra and is an incredible 75% slimmer than a standard cable, perfect for discreet, non-intrusive installation or travelling.
4th March 2013

RedMere Announce New Mini Booster Modules for Ultra-compact High Speed HDMI and Mini DisplayPort Cables for Portable Gadgets

RedMere today announced the launch of the new ultra-compact mini booster modules for High Speed HDMI and Mini DisplayPort cables. The mini-module design is 55% smaller than current active cable booster modules and will accommodate a thinner, lighter cable connector architecture that will be simple to plug in and will match the ultra-sleek look of modern consumer electronic gadgets such as the Motorola Xoom, Nokia 808 PureView or the iPhone or iPad.
6th June 2012

RedMere Announces the Introduction of Self-powered Booster Modules Providing for the Most Environmentally Friendly Long HDMI Cables

RedMere has announced the introduction of the environmentally friendly long cable module family consisting of the PRE1691, PRE1692, PRE1694 and PRE1694. The PRE169x family are compact, fully compliant, High Speed HDMI booster modules that guarantee an interoperable performance over thinner, more eco-friendly cables for distances of up to 45 meters.
30th March 2012

Elecom Launch Ultra-thin Portable Micro-HDMI Cables in Japan for Smartphones using Active HDMI technology from RedMere

RedMere has partnered with Japanese electronics firm Elecom Co. Ltd to announce the launch of the new Ultra Thin Micro HDMI cable. Available in retail outlets throughout Japan, these super-slim HDMI cables come in various lengths from 0.5 to 2.5 meters and are ideal for digitally connecting smartphones, tablets or notebook PCs to a big-screen HDTV.
2nd February 2012

MIYOSHI CORP Using Technology from RedMere, Launch the Most Portable Mini-HDMI Cable for Cameras and Camcorders in Japan

RedMere has partnered with MIYOSHI CORP to announce the launch of Ultra Slim High Speed HDMI Cables with Ethernet. Suitable for use with digital pocket cameras, DSLRs, camcorders, smartphones and tablets, this is the first time an active and therefore ultra-portable Mini-HDMI cable has been launched in the retail market in Japan.
16th November 2011

Sales of RedMere’s HDMI Booster Modules Top One Million Units

RedMere has announced it has surpassed sales of one million units of its active self-powered booster modules for HDMI cables. RedMere’s patented active cable technology, now adopted world-wide by global cable brands and OEM’s including Vizio, Samsung, PNY, Monster, RadioShack, BUFFALO SUPPLY INC, and Kordz, allows HDMI cables to be made ultra-thin and portable. There is an increasingly wide range of HDMI-enabled hand held products such as smartphones, tablets, digital cameras and video games that now connect to a HDTV or HD projector anywhere.
18th October 2011

Using RedMere’s Technology, PNY has Launched an Ultra-Thin and Portable Active High Speed Cable with Micro Connector Incorporating HDMI Technology

RedMere®, a leading supplier of smart active cable solutions has announced that top Consumer Electronics brand PNY, using its cable technology, has launched the new Active High Speed HDMI® Micro Cable into the US Consumer Electronics market. This is the latest addition to PNY’s line of Active Cables with HDMI, which currently use RedMere’s technology to become ultra-thin and portable. PNY’s Active High Speed HDMI Micro Cable allows for easy and convenient access to videos, photos, presentations, web browsing, e-books, and more - direct from a portable device right to a projector, monitor, or HDTV and will help transform the way consumers now use their tablets and smartphones.
29th June 2011

RedMere Launches Asia’s Most Portable Micro-HDMI Cable for Tablets and Smartphones

RedMere, a leading supplier of smart active cable solutions, has announced the launch of Asia’s first ever ultra-thin, portable High Speed Micro-HDMI cables for ultra-portable devices such as the smartphone, tablet, digital camera and camcorder with BUFFALO KOKUYO SUPPLY INC in Japan. RedMere and BUFFALO KOKUYO SUPPLY INC successfully introduced Japan’s first ever smart ultra-slim HDMI cables with an embedded booster for use in home theatre, PCs, PC peripherals, satellite box and gaming high definition and 3D TV applications late last year.
1st June 2011

RedMere Announces New Ultra-High Speed 18Gbps Booster Module for Next Generation HDMI Cables at Computex

RedMere announced that it has developed a revolutionary ultra-high speed HDMI module, the PRA1701. This 18Gbps self-powered booster module future-proofs all HDMI connectivity needs and ensures that audiences can engulf their viewing senses in 3D-HD and immersive interactive entertainment applications.
1st June 2011

One-Piece Cable For Mirroring iPadR 2 and iPhoneR 4 Display On HDTV

RedMere, the pioneer of smart active cable technology for HDMI, announced that its single-cable solution for mirroring the iPad® 2 and iPhone® 4 display to an HDTV will be available to U.S. consumers this summer and will be sold by the company’s brand-name marketing partners. RedMere said the new cable will be an integrated unit eliminating the need for a “dongle” and separate HDMI cable. The sleek all-in-one RedMere cable will incorporate the company’s self-powered integrated circuit which lets users directly connect their iPad 2, iPhone 4, and fourth-generation iPod® Touch to an HDTV or other high definition display or projector.
17th May 2011

RedMere - Self Powered Active Booster Modules for Standard and Mini DisplayPort 1.1 and 1.2 cable applications

RedMere, a leading supplier of smart active cable solutions, has announced the introduction of the first active DisplayPort 1.1 and 1.2 self powered booster modules for standard and mini DisplayPort cable applications. The booster module PRA2600 has been designed for Ultra Thin DisplayPort 1.1 cable applications and can support data rates of up to 10.8GBps. The 21.6Gbps booster module PRA2700 for DisplayPort 1.2 Ultra Thin cable applications future proofs beyond 3D-HD applications, such as multiple HD monitors, from a single source DP connector.
19th November 2010

RedMere Introduces the Second Generation of Self Powered Cable Booster Modules, Future Proofing Long Cable Applications

RedMere, a leading supplier of smart active cable solutions has announced the introduction of the second generation long cable module, the MEA1691, at CEDIA EXPO 2010. The MEA1691 is a compact HDMI 1.4 certificated 10.2Gbps booster module that guarantees interoperability and is future proofed for 3D-ready applications.
24th September 2010

RedMere announces the launch of Japan’s first ever smart ultra slim HDMI cable with embedded booster at BUFFALO KOKUYO SUPPLY INC

RedMere has partnered with BUFFALO KOKUYO SUPPLY INC, to launch the new High Speed Slim 1.4 HDMI cable for use in home theatre, PC’s, PC peripherals, satellite box and gaming high definition and 3D TV applications.
3rd September 2010

RedMere Announces the Launch of New AUVIO Ultrathin HDMI-Certified Camera and Camcorder Cables Exclusively at RadioShack

RedMere’s Active Chip technology provides over 10 Gigabit per second data rate while allowing the HDMI camera and camcorder cables to be ultrathin and portable
19th August 2010

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