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Gaining insight into AWS Electronics

AWS Electronics has announced the release of a new corporate video, showcasing its myriad of capabilities as Electronics Manufacturing Solutions (EMS) provider.

Capacitive touch thermostat with WiFi and Bluetooth demo

Watch a demo from Texas Instruments of a capacitive touch, IoT-enabled thermostat with Indium Tin Oxide (ITO) touch sensors on a QVGA display with Bluetooth and WiFi functionality.
12th October 2017

Ultra low power high speed amplifier overview

The 105MHz, OPA837 ultra low power amp is well suited for use as a low power 12 to 16-bit SAR ADC driver and for ultra low power active filter designs.
11th October 2017

Can mmWave sensors see in the rain?

Can a mmWave sensor detect objects through the rain?
9th October 2017

Sense the world with TI mmWave sensors

Texas Instruments are testing the mmWave forum questions by demonstrating the ability of TI's IWR mmWave sensors to see through rain and walls, and detect very small objects.
6th October 2017

Temboo machine generates code to develop IoT applications

Temboo customers are now able to machine generate production-ready embedded hardware application code for TI's new SimpleLink MCU platform.
4th October 2017

Intel drones to the rescue

First responders from the Menlo Park Fire District, based in the technology hotbed of Silicon Valley, are pioneering the use of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) to better and more quickly access and fight fires and save lives.
4th October 2017

Offline dual buck regulator demo for smart lighting applications

In this demo, ON Semi will show the advantages of the FL7740 - constant-voltage primary-side-regulation PWM controller for power factor correction and the FL7760 - analogue/PWM dimmable 60V input buck controller.
4th October 2017

Witness the Warrior Princess take flight in drone light show

Witness the Warrior Princess take flight in a dazzling drone light show above the LA skyline.
25th September 2017

Level sensing using IWR mmWave sensors

This short video explains how developers can use IWR mmWave sensors for Level Sensing to improve accuracy, higher continuous bandwidth and reduced antenna size.
22nd September 2017

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