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SimpleLink WiFi CC3200 SensorTag kit

The SimpleLink WiFi SensorTag kit enables a direct connection to the cloud in minutes and data streaming to IBM Quickstart automatically.

THS4551/2 fully differential amplifier product overview

The 150MHz single channel THS4551 and dual channel THS4552 fully differential amplifiers are drivers for high resolution SAR and Delta-Sigma ADCs.
21st March 2017

SimpleLink WiFi CC3220 timer framework

This video will discuss the CC3220 timer framework, including the SysTick Timer, the General Purpose Timer (GPT), the Slow Clock Counter, and the Watchdog Timer (WDT).
17th March 2017

SimpleLink WiFi CC3120 getting started with Project 0

The goal of this video is to show you how to set up the development environment and execute you first application on a SimpleLink CC3120 BoosterPack plug-in module and SimpleLink MSP432 LaunchPad development kit.
17th March 2017

LDO linear regulator evaluation boards

This video demonstrates some of the features and capabilities of the NCP702MX series of evaluation boards.
7th March 2017

Single step-down switching regulator evaluation board

This video demonstrates some of the features and capabilities of the LV58063MCGEVB evaluation board.
7th March 2017

MSP432 microcontroller speech recognition technology

Written in C code, the Speech Recogniser library enables MSP432 MCU-based applications to recognize up to 11 phrases while ignoring other speech. The library includes header files, user and API guides and an example demo to get you started.
2nd March 2017

OPA2836 dual channel amplifier product overview

The 205MHz, rail-to-rail output, voltage feedback amplifier provides ultra-low distortion and stellar input voltage noise and is available in a AEC Q100 version for automotive applications.
2nd March 2017

Beoncam: The first removable 360 wrist camera

  The world’s first removable 360° 5MP panoramic camera housed in a smartwatch. Beoncam is built with an 'always on', single-touch system that is paired with a long-lasting rechargeable battery, ensuring you can capture that moment with just the touch of a button.
2nd March 2017

Bringing the keyboard into the 21st century

  Gemini is a thin clamshell mobile device with fully integrated tactile QWERTY keyboard, that fits in your pocket. Designed for Android, it also features a dual boot Linux option. Gemini is fully equipped with 4G, WiFi and Bluetooth enabling both data communications and mobile phone calls.
2nd March 2017

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