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Design a cooler isolated system with the ISOW7841

In this video, watch a demonstration showcasing the superior thermal performance of the ISOW7841 reinforced isolator with integrated power compared to a similar device available in the market today.

Low power microcontrollers for IoT applications

This video describes Analog Devices low power microcontrollers for IoT applications.
24th April 2017

Reolink Argus: the wire-free security camera

  Traditional wireless security cameras provide video surveillance even when there are no network cables. But for monitoring an area without a power outlet, a battery-powered wireless security camera is the one to use.
12th April 2017

riimo: small IR Smart Remote for any device

  riimo converts iPhone, iPad or iPod touch into IR-beaming universal remote. The 3.5mm dongle Intelligent Mobile Smart IR Remote Control supports all the IR remote control enabled devices.
12th April 2017

Achieving excellence in environmental sustainability

TE is committed to environmental sustainability.
12th April 2017

Getting started with motion and environmental sensors from ARM mbed IDE

This video will show you how to get started quickly with the x-nucleo development boards and the ARM mbed environment to put together an application that uses environmental and motion (MEMS) sensors.
12th April 2017

embedded world SimpleLink Platform MCU demo

Demonstration on the show floor of the SimpleLink MCU Platform devices working together and streaming sensing data to the IBM cloud in real time.
12th April 2017

Motor control made easy with Kinetis Motor Suite

NXP’s Kinetis Motor Suite extracts the complexity, making it more intuitive to design motor control applications.
10th April 2017

Industrial NFC: Automation with NFC Click on Hexiwear

An example of how to build versatile applications, is shown in the automation demo with the Hexiwear IOT development platform. Based on Kinetis MCUs and hundreds of available click-boards (plug-ins with sensors, actuators, transceivers - and NFC), you can quickly build a prototype of your application.
10th April 2017

Powering tomorrow’s data centres with TI GaN

Data centers are looking for ways to increase power efficiency and density.
5th April 2017

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