MIYOSHI CORP Using Technology from RedMere, Launch the Most Portable Mini-HDMI Cable for Cameras and Camcorders in Japan

16th November 2011
ES Admin
RedMere has partnered with MIYOSHI CORP to announce the launch of Ultra Slim High Speed HDMI Cables with Ethernet. Suitable for use with digital pocket cameras, DSLRs, camcorders, smartphones and tablets, this is the first time an active and therefore ultra-portable Mini-HDMI cable has been launched in the retail market in Japan.
RedMere is the company behind the technology inside active HDMI cables. HDMI cables transmit a clearer, sharper picture, and more brilliant colours than a regular A/V cable but because of all the data they carry the cables have traditionally been very thick, heavy and unwieldy. RedMere’s chip technology has allowed cable brands like MIYOSHI CORP to offer ultra-thin, long and portable HDMI cables to CE consumers. As HDMI-ready equipment like cameras, camcorders and phones become smaller and more portable; RedMere’s active cable technology means that HDMI cables can now be as tiny as the gear they accessorize with no loss to the picture quality or data-rate.

RedMere’s CEO, Ruud van der Linden today said “Active cable technology provided by RedMere is becoming adopted by more and more brands world-wide. We are delighted to work with MIYOSHI CORP as our brand-partner in Japan in introducing the new Mini-HDMI cable to the market there. This is the thinnest, most flexible and most portable Mini-HDMI cable in the domestic CE market in Japan today –the obvious choice for the professional or recreational photographer or filmmaker.”

MIYOSHI CORP have produced a line of RedMere enabled, active, thin 2 meter cables with both C-Type (Mini-HDMI) and D-Type (Micro-HDMI) connectors called Ultra Slim High Speed HDMI Cables with Ethernet. With a diameter as slender as 2.4mm, these slick black cables will suit a gamut of portable devices from web-tablets, netbooks, smartphones, to cameras and camcorders. Engineered to comply with High Speed HDMI® standards, this means that while the cables are 70% thinner than standard HDMI cables there is no loss of data transfer, and these ultra-thin HDMI cables are 3D and 4K2K compatible.

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