Semtech Handset Protection Platform Offers Small Size Low Capacitance and Power Saving Advantages

20th July 2009
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Semtech Handset Protection Platform Offers Small Size Low Capacitance and Power Saving Advantages
Semtech has announced two additions to its MICROClamp family of protection devices, the uClamp 0511T and the uClamp 1211T – both of which feature the ultra low profile, low leakage and low capacitance needed for mobile phone and portable designs. Both parts are designed to replace multilayer varistors (MLVs) in portable applications, offering the same small size with improved clamping voltage and protection. The bidirectional uClampxx11T parts are packaged in Semtech’s two-pin SLP1006P2T package measuring only 1.0 x 0.6 x 0.4 mm – a size that makes the parts appropriate for even the thinnest of designs.
Leakage current for these both devices is below a maximum of 50nA. These low-leakage parts help manufacturers reduce the power consumption of their devices, which in turn lengthens the battery life. The parts are IEC rated to protect against electro static discharge (ESD), electrical fast transients (EFT) and cable discharge effects (CDE).

The small, single-line devices are optimal for designers that need to manage their capacitance budget. Ideal applications include GPS antenna, audio lines and FM antennas. The uClamp0511T is designed for -5V/+5V power lines and the uClamp1211T for -12V/+12V power lines. Both parts have a capacitance of 4pF with a very low clamping voltage.

The parts augment Semtech’s existing MICROClamp mobile protection platform, giving system designers a wide choice of circuit protection solutions for their designs

“The small size and single line protection of the uClamp0511T and uClamp1211T give designers the flexibility to design in protection even when faced with layout constraints,” said Rick Hansen, Semtech Marketing Director for Protection Products. “The low leakage of the parts is increasingly important to smartphone designs, which have a number of power-hungry processes running, so it’s important for every part in the design to contribute to extending battery life.

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