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SSDs offer reliability in server & datacentre applications

SSDs offer reliability in server & datacentre applications
Toshiba announces two eSSDs, the HK3E2 for value-endurance workloads and the HK3R2 drive for read intensive workloads. These 6Gb/s SATA Enterprise SSDs join Toshiba’s broad portfolio of enterprise storage solutions featuring a variety of endurance ratings to meet the needs of specific application requirements and customer environments.
3rd December 2014

Polyoxometalates could solve flash memory conundrum

Flash memory is a popular form of electronic data storage commonly used in devices such as smartphones, cameras and memory sticks. However, there is a physical limit to the minimum size of the current design of data cells, which currently use metal-oxide-semiconductor components.
20th November 2014

DDR4 SODIMMs provide higher performance & consume less power

DDR4 SODIMMs provide higher performance & consume less power
At electronica 2014, from 11th to 14th November, Swissbit will be presenting it’s first DDR4 ECC SODIMM. Using the 4th gen DDR, the device can achieve higher data rates than when used with the DDR3, while consuming the same amount of power consumption. Featuring optimised data bus termination, dynamic bus inversion and CRC protection of the command/address bus, the 8GB SODIMM is designed for next-gen embedded boards.
6th November 2014

Free evaluation kits of Dolphin Integration’s libraries

Dolphin Integration has announced MyDolphin, a free evaluation platform. Users on MyDolphin can evaluate its memory offering, thanks to free online generators and presentation sheets.
5th November 2014

SuperFlash enables 'industry’s fastest erase times'

SuperFlash enables 'industry’s fastest erase times'
Manufactured with the company’s high-performance SuperFlash technology, which is claimed to provide the industry’s fastest erase times, Microchip has released a family of 1.8V Serial Quad I/O (SQI) SuperFlash memory devices. The 16Mb SST26WF016B performs sector and block erase commands in 18ms and full chip erase operations in 35ms.
29th October 2014

Verification IP supports popular 3D memory standards

Verification IP supports popular 3D memory standards
Cadence's Verification IP (VIP) supports all popular 3D memory standards, including Wide I/O 2, Hybrid Memory Cube (HMC), High Bandwidth Memory (HBM) and DDR4 3D Stacking (DDR4-3DS). The portfolio of memory VIP allows designers to accelerate the verification of memory interfaces and achieve earlier SoC verification closure for compute server applications, mobile devices, high-performance graphics and network applications.
28th October 2014

MMB processor enables 10% die size reduction

To achieve a 10% reduction in total die size while maintaining product quality and performance, Marvell Semiconductor have utilised Synopsys' MMB (Multi-Memory Bus) processor for it's networking SoC. The processor, from Synopsys' DesignWare STAR Memory System, allowed Marvell to accelerate silicon bring-up and achieve silicon success.
23rd October 2014

Discontinued synchronous DRAMs get new lease of life

Alliance Memory has partnered with Micron Semiconductor to supply and extend availability of support for three 512M synchronous DRAM (SDRAM) devices that Micron discontinued with Micron PCN #30995. Alliance Memory will be offering Micron's 32M x 16 MT48LC32M16A2P-75:C (commercial temperature), 32M x 16 MT48LC32M16A2P-75 IT:C (industrial temperature), and 64M x 8 MT48LC64M8A2P-75:C.
21st October 2014

Low power memory targets LCD drivers

To reach the stringent low power requirements of LCD Drivers and Touch Screen Controllers, Dolphin Integration has launched a foundry sponsored Single port RAM for the UMC 110 nm embedded flash process.  Fabless companies targeting these applications have huge constraints both in terms of power consumption and area.
20th October 2014

World’s smallest-class embedded NAND Flash memory

World’s smallest-class embedded NAND Flash memory
Toshiba Electronics Europe has launched what it claims to be the world’s smallest-class of embedded NAND flash memory products integrating NAND chips fabricated with cutting-edge 15nm process technology. The e-MMC NAND chips are designed for applications including smartphones, tablets and wearable devices.
3rd October 2014

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