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New Acceleration Sensor with USB

New Acceleration Sensor with USB
The new JoyWarrior24F14 by Code Mercenaries sets a new price/performance benchmark for USB based acceleration sensors. At just Euro 19 per unit (at 100) JW24F14-MOD offers resolutions down to 125 µg. JoyWarrior24F14 modules are based on a MEMS sensor and measure with 14 bit resolution in the ranges ±1g, ±1.5g, ±2g, ±3g, ±4g, ±8g, or ±16g, delivering 125 results per second. Connection via USB allows easy use with any computer model. Since JoyWarrior24F14 identifies and works as a joystick accessing the data can be easily done via the operating systems joystick API without installing any specific drivers. In addition this allows to use the JoyWarrior24F14 in joystick applications.
14th October 2010

Generic USB I/O Controllers IO-Warrior24 and IO-Warrior40 updated

Generic USB I/O Controllers IO-Warrior24 and IO-Warrior40 updated
Code Mercenaries ships an updated version of the popular generic USB I/O controllers IO-Warrior24 and IOWarrior40 with new features. The IO-Warrior chips are a family of universal USB I/O controllers. In addition to simple I/O pins they support functions like I2C, SPI, LED matrix, key matrix, driving LCD modules, and receiving IR remote control signals.
23rd December 2009

Driver module for high brightness LEDs

Driver module for high brightness LEDs
Code Mercenaries launches a new product line for LED lighting applications. This is a new strategic branch of operations for Code Mercenaries. In the last few years LEDs have become a viable alternative for general lighting applications. Compared to traditional light sources LEDs offer a much longer life cycle and in most cases a significantly better energy efficiency. But the technical hurdles in designing LED based luminaires are higher than with traditional light sources. Especially designing the required electronics to efficiently drive the LEDs is a challenge for luminaire manufacturers.
3rd October 2008

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