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ARM technology licensed by Atmel

For devices requiring image, video and display capabilities, Atmel has licensed processor and security IP from ARM. Atmel plans to integrate the Cortex-A7 processor, Mali-V500 video accelerator, Mali-DP500 display processor and TrustZone technology into silicon for wearable devices and automated factory tasks which are reliant on image processing, such as identifying faulty products.
23rd July 2014

Dialog Semiconductors donates £80,000 to UTC Swindon

Dialog Semiconductors has donated £40,000 to UTC Swindon for specialist equipment, as well as an additional £40,000 for the first academic year, it has been announced. Opening in September 2014 and catering for 600 students aged 14-19, the college will provide courses for young people who aspire to a career in engineering. Students at UTC Swindon will have the opportunity to gain the necessary skills across all the diverse sectors of the engineering industries.
22nd July 2014

Altera joins Embedded Vision Alliance

Altera joins Embedded Vision Alliance
Joining the Embedded Vision Alliance (EVA), Altera will provide the computer vision industry group with insights on programmable logic technologies enabling designers to use FPGAs, SoCs, IP and design tools for embedded vision applications in the industrial, surveillance, automotive, military, broadcasting and consumer sectors.
22nd July 2014

Free product selector guide for DC supplies/AC sources

A free guide to assist engineers in finding power supplies that meet the needs of their applications has been released by AMETEK. The product selector guide, which includes a catalogue of 289 DC power supplies and 58 AC sources, simply requires the user to enter a small number of parameters before displaying search results, saving them time.
22nd July 2014

Asia-Pacific forecast to increase ASIC marketshare

According to data from IC Insights’ Mid-Year Update to the 2014 McClean Report, the Asia-Pacific region is forecast to increase its share of the ASIC market 17 percentage points from 2004 to 2014. IC Insights has also forecast it to the only region to significantly increase in ASIC marketshare.
20th July 2014

Digital Surf acquires Image Metrology

Having acquired a 100% interest in Image Metrology, Digital Surf has announced that it will join forces with Image Metrology. Operating independently under their existing management, the companies will share their software technologies and know-how to provide best in class image processing and surface metrology software to their respective partners and users.
18th July 2014

Focus groups for customer feedback on Industrie 4.0

Frost & Sullivan is organising focus groups to understand the end-user perspective on Industrie 4.0. This focuses on Big Data, Internet of Things, Internet of Services and Integrated Industries, which Frost & Sullivan has paraphrased as Technology, Collaboration & Processes. The platform enables the unification of information amongst participants in the entire value chain.
18th July 2014

NürnbergMesse celebrate success on 40th anniversary

On it's 40th anniversary, NürnbergMesse celebrates continued success. In 2013, the company's revenue was €193m, the highest in it's history. The company have continued this success into 2014, with event formats developing more positively than the average for the sector and the global orientation gaining more importance.
17th July 2014

IDT ships 1m DDR4 registers to meet demand

To meet the demand for DRAM modules for the Intel Xeon processor E5-2600 v3 platform, IDT has shipped 1m DDR4 registers. These include the 4DB0124K data buffer, and TSE2004GB2 thermal sensor with SPD.
17th July 2014

Crocus ships 1m magnetic sensors in Q3

The first major shipment following the recent qualification of its CTSX product family, Crocus Technology has revealed that it will ship one million units of its CTSR200 magnetic sensors in Q3. The sensors are targeted at applications such as current sensing, rotation and speed sensing, as well as switching.
16th July 2014

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