GL Announces Analysis Tools for 3G Mobile Broadband Networks

7th April 2010
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GL Announces Analysis Tools for 3G Mobile Broadband Networks
GL Communications Inc., announced today the release of its latest Analysis Tools for 3G Mobile Broadband Networks. Addressing the press conference, Mr. Jagdish Vadalia, Senior Manager at GL said, “Mobile network traffic is expected to explode in the coming year as “smartphones” and 3G pervade the mobile user community. In a typical 3G access network, a “smartphone” user has high speed wireless access to the nearest base station (or Node B, in 3G UMTS terminology). Then the transport of voice, video, and data is thru ATM (Asynchronous Transfer Mode). ATM was selected because it provides quality of service necessary for voice but can also carry data equally well”.
He added, “ATM can use any form of transmission, but its overhead is quite a burden. If the access network is not carefully designed, ATM bandwidth requirements will significantly affect the bottom line of any service provider. Tools for traffic and protocol analysis are essential”.

Mr. Vadalia further added, “As shown below in the picture, when the underlying transmission is TDM, many T1s or E1s are used to carry ATM cells in a technique called Inverse Multiplexing over ATM, or IMA. If the underlying transmission is T3 E3 or SONET SDH, then ATM can be carried directly in an unchannelized mode, which is more efficient. It may be necessary to switch ATM cells from lower speed E1s (possibly in IMA mode) to an unchannelized STM1 or STM4 for traffic concentration and better efficiency. In any case, it is apparent that testing and analysis of ATM traffic is useful on many interfaces including T1, E1, T3, E3, OC3, OC12, STM1, and STM4. Proper tools will assist in the design of the access network and appropriate backhaul architectures”.

GL’s various test capability to test and analyze ATM over different transmission. These include:

* the ability to capture and playback at up to OC12/STM4 rates with complete bit integrity
* raw transmission and reception of test cell traffic at determined bandwidth
* ATM Protocol Analysis
* UMTS Protocol Analysis
* CDMA 2000 Protocol Analysis
* ATM Protocol Analysis over T1 E1 with IMA
* ATM Protocol Analysis over T3
* ATM Protocol Analysis over STM1, STM4, OC3, and OC12
* ATM Tx/Rx Raw Cells
* ATM BERT for OC3, OC12, STM1, and STM4
* ATM Record Playback for T1, E1, T3, OC3, OC12, STM1, and STM4
* UMTS Protocol Analysis
* CDMA 2000 Protocol Analyzer

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