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Powering smart hospitals with AI at the edge

2nd December 2019
Lanna Cooper

Timely and accurate diagnosis increases patient chances for successful treatment. A fusion of AI, medical imaging and edge computing is delivering real time, life saving insights at the point of care to bring scalable AI and real time imaging to the edge.

Vidya Clara has domain-specific developer tools libraries SDKs and reference applications that make it easier to build AI models, deliver optimised workflows and power next-generation intelligent instruments.

Most importantly, as healthcare organisations deliver AI applications, they need to develop and deploy AI without compromising patient privacy and Vidya Clara federated learning. The NVIDIA EGX computing platform moves AI training to the edge where healthcare data is located, federated learning on EGX enables the orchestration and collaboration of hospitals so they can contribute to AI development, while preserving the privacy of patient data.

Edge computing makes it possible for every hospital to become AI-enabled from cameras, to MRI machines, and to surgical robots. Real time insights at the edge realise the promise of smart hospitals by giving healthcare providers the tools they need to improve patient care.

For more information, watch the video below.

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