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Ultrasonic gas flow meter software architecture

This video provides an overview of the ultrasonic sensing software architecture for gas flow metering applications using the MSP430FR604x family of ultrasonic sensing SoCs.

Microprocessor: continuing the STM32 success story

A general-purpose microprocessor portfolio enabling easy development for a broad range of applications.
20th February 2019

Capacitive touch demonstration board overview

This video provides an overview of the EVM430-CAPMINI, an easy-to-use demonstration tool that allows you to try out capactive touch sensing using MSP430 CapTIvate microntroller with the included touch-to-sound demo.
15th February 2019

Optical fibre cables, how do they work?

Have you ever thought about how you get emails or any other information, from any corner of the world, within a blink of an eye?
13th February 2019

Connect and use SensorTile over Bluetooth with Unicelo GUI

The SensorTile is a tiny, square-shaped IoT module that packs powerful processing capabilities leveraging an 80MHz STM32L476JGY microcontroller and Bluetooth low energy connectivity based on BlueNRG-MS network processor as well as a wide spectrum of motion and environmental MEMS sensors, including a digital microphone.
11th February 2019

Enabling research in wireless patient monitoring

An overview of the collaboration between Texas Instruments and the University of California nursing staff and biomedical engineering team.
8th February 2019

Image sensor operation in challenging lighting transitions

You know how it's hard to see when you're driving out of a dark tunnel into the sun?
6th February 2019

Obstacle detection using mmWave sensors

Using automotive mmWave sensor AWR1642, we are able to detect a variety of obstacles both moving and stationary.
6th February 2019

How AI creates 3D materials from photography

Get a look at how Allegorithmic's Substance Alchemist uses AI to complete time consuming tasks like delighting materials to make it easier to take materials from the real world and immediately use them for 3D designs.
6th February 2019

Power audio amplifiers displayed at CES 2019

The latest products of ST FDA family offer load-current monitoring, load-value reporting in DC and AC and audio performance and efficiency.
4th February 2019

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