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Flexible power options: Soldering coin cell battery holder

The LaunchPad SensorTag Kit (LPSTK-CC1352R) offers several power options. 

Keysight Technologies at productronica 2019

At productronica 2019, Electronic Specifier’s Mick Elliot caught up with Keysight Technologies, where the company unveiled its new in-circuit tester, which is the only short wire option in circuit testing currently. By being short wire, the solution has the advantage of enabling high speed digital data and signals.
25th November 2019

Seica at productronica 2019

At every show, Seica, a global supplier of automatic text equipment and selective solider systems, aims to present a new product to the industry, and productronica 2019 was no exception. At the show, the company showcased two new solutions; one is a new ICT in-circuit tester, and the other is a new battery tester.
22nd November 2019

MicroCare at productronica 2019

At Productronica Electronic Specifier’s Mick Elliott got to speak with Thomas Tattersall, Executive Vice President and COO at MicroCare, where they are debuting their newest product called Tergo, which is being released in Germany.
14th November 2019

Introduction to capacitive touch on a PIC microcontroller

This is an introduction video to a video series in which Microchip implement capacitive touch on a PIC18F47Q10 Curiosity Nano.
4th November 2019

Mega-fit power connectors provide fully protected header terminals

Power-application customers are faced with choosing between headers with exposed terminals that leave connectors susceptible to damage and large, fully isolated headers that take up too much space. 
4th November 2019

Top 3: Uses for underwater drones

With advanced camera technology and deep diving capabilities, underwater drones have helped to enhance human efforts in vital oceanic activities.
4th November 2019

Powering the Intelligent Edge Revolution with 5G, AI, and IoT

AT #MWC19, NVIDIA has announced it's collaborating with partners to fuse 5G, supercomputing, and AI for a revolutionary communications platform to power the intelligent edge revolution.
28th October 2019

Hybrid boost and narrow-voltage DC architecture of multi-cell chargers

In this training video you will learn the basic difference between the hybrid boost and narrow-voltage DC architectures, focusing on the benefits of each.
28th October 2019

How to achieve a 10 year battery life in medical applications

Today’s IoT applications are capable of more than ever imaginable in recent years.
24th October 2019

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