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Using high side switches for output power protection and diagnostics

Welcome to this video where Texas Instruments will be using high side switches for output power protection and diagnostics, in this overview of high side switch functions.

TI Precision Labs: Sensor accuracy error and repeatability

In this video, Texas Instruments will discuss the meaning of accuracy and error in the context of temperature sensors and go through examples to explain how these terms are used to characterise a system's performance. Finally, we'll discuss repeatability and how this could affect the system's overall accuracy.
20th August 2019

Battery simulation with the NGM200 power supply series

The battery simulation function of the R&S NGM200 makes it possible to simulate the real output performance of different battery types.
20th August 2019

TI Precision Labs - Temperature sensors: sensitivity and gain

This section of the TI Precision Labs - Temperature Sensors series discusses the definition of gain or sensitivity of an analogue temperature sensor, while also reflecting on its effect on linearity. Ultimately methods to increase the gain of the system is introduced.
19th August 2019

Using eFuses for overvoltage and inrush current protection

Discrete solutions can be used to implement input power protection, but they come with trade-offs. Adding in necessary protection features using discrete components takes up a lot of space and contributes to poor thermal performance.
13th August 2019

Intelligent robotics with TI mmWave AoP sensors

Texas Instruments millimetre wave sensors enable intelligent sensing at the edge by integrating accurate sensing with real time decision making and processing on a single chip.
13th August 2019

Understanding circuit protection solutions

In this video, Rakesh, a systems application engineer from Texas Instruments will discuss how the company's eFuse solution overcomes the limitatios of discrete circuit protection solutions.
6th August 2019

Introducing the SMC 1000 8x25G serial memory controller

In this video, Jay Bennett, Product Marketing Manager from Microchip explains that the company is entering the memory infrastructure space with the first member of the smart memory controller product family, the SMC 1008.
6th August 2019

25-bit absolute encoder for linear and hollow through application

The Broadcom AR35 Series offers 25-bit absolute encoder with a small form-fit factor to maximise the motion feedback system flexibility.
31st July 2019

Simplifying surge protection with eFuses

Welcome to this training video on simplifying surge protection with the TPS2660 eFuse. An industrial system needs to comply with the IEC Test Standards. 
25th July 2019

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