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RealSSD P300 vs. 15 SAS Hard Drives

A demonstration of the significant bandwidth increases that can be achieved using a Micron P300 SSD. This test pits a single P300 SSD against 12 SAS hard drives, both running in similar server systems. As you can see, the P300 achieves almost 3x higher IOPs than 12 SAS drives in RAID 0.

Wind River Embedded Development Kit Part 1: Boot & Debug

Gil Hellman demonstrates a Wind River embedded development kit (EDK) featuring Kontron's nanoETXexpress-SP board and running an Intel Atom processor. Wind River has partnered with leading embedded board vendors to provide EDKs that enable developers to begin their application development within minutes of opening the kit, and provide a technically comprehensive platform to address complex development requirements.
1st October 2010

Achieving 25-Gbps Transceiver Performance on 28-nm FPGAs

Need high bandwidth for your next-generation design? Watch the video to see 25-Gbps transceiver performance on a 28-nm device.
1st October 2010

Virtual Remote Sense

Compensating for unknown wire drops without remote sensing wires is now possible. The LT4180 continuously modulates the power supply output current to interrogate the line drop. Then the output is increased to match the drop providing up to a 50 to 1 improvement in regulation at the load.
1st October 2010

VP8 Running on the OMAP(tm) 4 Processor

TI demonstrates advanced video capabilities for mobile devices.
1st October 2010

Characterization of an RF Power Amplifier using a Battery Simulator

Demo showing how you can characterize power amplifier using PXI Signal Generators, Analyzers and new Battery Simulator.
1st October 2010

NXP's RF power transistors for broadcast, ISM and defense and aerospace applications

Scott Blum describes a number of NXP's high power RF transistors and their respective outstanding properties for broadcast, ISM and defense and aerospace markets and applications.
1st October 2010

NPX's Doherty RF power amplifiers for cellular base stations

John Gajadharsing talks in detail about the types and specifications of various Doherty amplifiers for cellular base stations.
1st October 2010

QorIQ P1022R-RDK running Mentor Graphics Android, Nucleus and MCAPI

Demonstration of Freescale's QorIQ P1022-RDK running Mentor Graphics Android, Nucleus and MCAPI.
1st October 2010

Datamate Mix-Tek - High-Rel Mixed Layout Connectors

Datamate Mix-Tek - High-Rel Mixed Layout Connectors combine signal (3A), power (20A) & coax (6Ghz) contacts to reduce PCB footprint.
1st October 2010

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